A trial by Forum Virium Helsinki and Elisa resulted in the new 5G AI service Supersight, designed to dismantle bottlenecks in transport

Artikkelikuva: A trial by Forum Virium Helsinki and Elisa resulted in the new 5G AI service Supersight, designed to dismantle bottlenecks in transport

Forum Virium and Elisa joined forces for a trial that resulted in the creation of the AI service Elisa Supersight, which utilises the mobile network and has been commercialised and commissioned at locations such as passenger harbours in Helsinki.

Forum Virium Helsinki is engaged in several projects to carry out trials with businesses. An idea or service may still be in development in the trial phase, but piloting increases and develops understanding of the potential of the service and new technology, such as 5G.

Last autumn, the ‘Carbon neutral drone services in southern Finland’ project collaborated with Elisa Oyj and the drone company Vertical Hobby to carry out a trial in which a camera attached to a drone shot footage of vehicle traffic above an intersection to gauge the volume of traffic. The live footage was analysed with the AI software of the Estonian start-up company Fyma, and the accuracy of the analytics was compared against manually counted materials. The data was transferred via the Elisa 5G mobile network. 

The Fyma AI software collects the data yielded from the footage and analyses aspects such as the volume, type and direction of traffic. The Fyma analysis tool is compatible with any IP camera connected to the network.

It was discovered that the solution was able to analyse the number, type and direction of vehicles passing through the intersection accurately and reliably. The drone and the mobile network added flexibility to the counting and facilitated traffic counting from above the intersection without installing any fixed devices.

After the trial, Elisa continued developing its new 5G service to cater to different usage needs.

Image: The Port of Helsinki

Supersight is already providing more information about the traffic volumes of harbours

The trial resulted in the creation of the monthly charged real-time AI analytics service Supersight, which can be used to analyse and count not only traffic and vehicles, but people as well, in real time outdoors or indoors in a versatile manner. The service does not collect video recordings or biometric data, but instead saves data in a numeric form.

The mobile data camera collects AI data automatically and without disruptions thanks to 24/7 remote support and an automated preventive fault management platform developed by Elisa. It is based on Elisa’s network optimisation expertise, which is utilised by more than a hundred mobile network operators across the globe.

Supersight has been commissioned in locations such as The Port of Helsinki Ltd’s passenger harbours. The traffic arrangements, use of space and safety of a harbour area can be improved with the service.

The monthly fee includes a 5G and 4G mobile data camera with a pre-installed SIM card and mobile data connection. The system is fully automated so that the user only has to plug the device into a power outlet, whereby the system begins collecting data. There are different options from which users can select an AI package for their monthly package, including a user interface for data analysis.

“The service adheres to strict ethical principles,” explains Vice President for Business Development Kimmo Pentikäinen from Elisa Oyj.

“Instead of conventional security cameras, we utilise machine learning based image recognition, numeric data, without saving video footage. This enables us to diversely analyse traffic and flows of people, identify licence plates or check people’s use of protective equipment without infringing on their privacy.”

Photo: Elisa Oyj

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