Greetings from Forum Virium Helsinki

Artikkelikuva: Greetings from Forum Virium Helsinki

The team of Forum Virium Helsinki has strengthened with new and returning wonderful people. Here are their short introductions, please enjoy!

Juha Ahonen, Broadcast technician
Juha Ahonen works as a broadcast technician at Stadi.TV. Juha’s task is to develop Stadi.TV’s web pages. He also participates in the work of the editorial staff as a cameraman and editor, and produces music for Stadi.TV productions. Juha has earlier worked as a Stadi.TV trainee and summer worker.
Kaisa Eskola, Communications Manager
Returning from maternity leave, Kaisa is reponsible for communication and dissemination activities in EU-funded, international project D-CENT (Decentralized Citizens ENgagement Technologies). The project, launching in October 2013, aims to build an open source, multi-user platform that supports co-operation between the public sector and citizens. Kaisa also participates external communications activities, updates communication materials and takes part in communications planning, development, and reporting.
Sari Koho, Care Manager
Sari Koho works as a Care Manager in the User-driven services for the elderly (KÄPI) project. In her work, Sari meets home care customers and maps out their current services. The goal is to think about new ways to facilitate people’s daily life at home. Previously, Sari has worked for 27 years at the City of Helsinki Social Services Department, mainly in the care of the elderly.
Raisa Laukkanen, Producer
Raisa Laukkanen is involved with two projects, YKÄ and Stadi.TV. In YKÄ, she works with schools and develops their media education and teams. She is also the producer of Stadi.TV, an open and communal media channel produced for and by the residents of Helsinki and its urban communities. Raisa is in charge of the channel’s program production. 
Sami Majaniemi, Project Manager 
As a Project Manager, Sami Majaniemi is coordinating and developing Apps4Finland competition. The competition is now in full speed for 2013. Majaniemi has been involved in Apps4Finland from the start: first as a participant, then as a resource in The Finnish Association for Online Democracy, the other main organizer of the competition. Majaniemi has previously worked at the University of Helsinki, Aalto University and National Institute for health and welfare.
Arend Oudman, Project Manager 
Arend Oudman works as a part of the Helsinki Region Infoshare project team, his job is to collect aerial photograph material and map material for use as open data. He will also look into advanced processing of point cloud data in combination with obtained photo and map material. Previously Oudman has worked several years as a Civil Engineering in Africa and in the Netherlands. In Finland, Arend has previously worked as a researcher in geology.
Joonas Pekkanen, Open Democracy Expert
Joonas Pekkanen is an Open Democracy Expert, working in the EU-funded D-CENT project. D-CENT is an open, decentralised social networking platform for large-scale collaboration. It offers digital tools for direct democracy and economic empowerment across Europe. Civic activist and Startup entrepreneur Pekkanen is one of the founders of Open ministry (Avoin ministeriö), non-profit organization crowdsourcing legislation, deliberative and participatory democracy and citizens initiatives.
Silja Peltonen, Financial and Administrative Manager
Returning from maternity leave, Silja Peltonen takes care of the company’s financial management and reporting, as well as HR activities. She also participates closely in project finances and reporting.
Jaakko Rajaniemi, Project Planner
Jaakko Rajaniemi works as a project planner in Forum Virium Helsinki’s EU-financed CitySDK project. Jaakko develops Helsinki city’s feedback system. His duties focus on participating in the development of an external interface intended for application developers and collaborate in it with the application developers. 
Roope Ritvos, Development Director, Demand- and User-driven Innovation 
Roope Ritvos works as a Development Director in the area of demand-driven and user-driven innovations. This means for example innovative public procurement, fostering the use of user-driven methods and tools, and advocate participation and agile experiment culture.
Kaisa Ruotsalainen, Service Designer
Kaisa Ruotsalainen works as a Service Designer creating user-driven service models in the services for the elderly. As part of the KÄPI project team, she develops and pilots new models to ease the every-day lives of the elderly still living at home. Among other things, Ruotsalainen develops care management model and maps out the elderly people’s expectations of the service offer. Previously, Ruotsalainen has developed services for e.g Fiskars Oy (Iittala) and Helsinki City Library.

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