Get 10 000€ to create an idea and 150 000 € to commercialize it! – The call is open until 30th of November

Artikkelikuva: Get 10 000€ to create an idea and 150 000 € to commercialize it! – The call is open until 30th of November

Now there is a great opportunity to get cash money to develop new services for creative industries.

CreatiFI invites the creative industries, innovators and technology developers to create new digital services and products. Ideas can be related to, for example, games, advertising and marketing, the media or the performing arts.

CreatiFI provides significant financial and technical support for the new service or product development that take advantage of FIWARE technologies.
CreatiFI will stimulate new innovations based on FIWARE technologies in the creative industries. The project will finance 60 creative industries ideas or prototypes in Europe. Participants can be financed in two years up to 150 000 € per company.

1st CALL, October 1 to November 30, 2014
– The selection of a total of 60 best ideas, which immediately will get 10 000 € for development
1st check up: + 15 000 €
2nd check  up: + 25 000 €

2nd CALL, October 2015
– The selection of 18 of the best prototype, which immediately will get 20.000 € to start  the commercialization of the prototype.  
– Also new applicants can submit the proposal
1st check-up: + 20 000 €
2nd check-up: + 30 000 €
The final evaluation: + 50 000 €


FIWARE technologies are free of charge open source applications and platforms.
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Ask us for more information!

Santeri Paavolainen, 040 652 9393, and santeri.paavolainen (at)

About applying:
Kaisa Sibelius, 040 570 1317, and kaisa.sibelius (at)
Jaakko Ikävalko, 040 735 0569, and jaakko.ikavalko (at)
Project website:


*) Advertising services, Antique goods, Architectural services, Art gallery, Artist supplies retailing, Arts, Book publishing, Broadcasting (TV/ Radio), Ceramics, Craft shops, Design services, Fashion, Furniture, Gaming, Jewellery, Libraries, Magazines, Motion Picture and Video distribution, Museum operators, Music, Musicians, Newspaper publishing, Performers (Performing art), Professional Photography services, Publishing, Specialized Tourism and Writers. Also, creative activities are permeating into other sectors that require high degrees of creativity, most notably the ICT sector.

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