Forum Virium hired 20 summer workers to map gateways in Helsinki to speed up last mile deliveries

Artikkelikuva: Forum Virium hired 20 summer workers to map gateways in Helsinki to speed up last mile deliveries

This summer, the City of Helsinki’s innovation company Forum Virium will be mapping the entrances and gateways in Helsinki for the first time for the needs of the logistics sector. This mapping work is being carried out by twenty 15-year-olds who have received a City of Helsinki summer job voucher. 

The summer workers were recruited for two weeks to map the entrances of the buildings in Helsinki with the Open Logistics Map (OLMap) tool developed by Forum Virium. The data collected will be made freely available to everyone via the Gatesolve tool and the Journey Planner.

Speeding up last mile deliveries in the city

The objective of mapping entrances is to help suppliers find the right door as easily as possible and, through this, reduce the amount of time couriers spend at the location. As a result, there will be fewer idle and incorrectly parked vehicles in the city. This will also significantly facilitate the work of drivers and make it easier for new drivers to transfer to this sector.

The summer workers describe the gateways, after which the data is imported into OpenStreetMap. OpenStreetMap is being used by Helsinki Region Transport’s (HSL) Journey Planner, among others. They utilise it as a source of maps and addresses and for creating routes. For this reason, the work carried out by the young people will benefit the city residents directly as open data.

Adopt the solution

A driver in the logistics sector or anyone interested in the topic can use the saved data in practice by going to and typing the address into the search field. If the mappers have already been to the area, Gatesolve will show the entrances and door details of the target address on the map.

“If the user of the data considers the service to be useful and wishes to integrate it more closely into their own systems or would like to see improvements made to it, we can make integrations and carry out further development flexibly,” says Technical Specialist Johan Lindqvist from Forum Virium.

Forum Virium supports young people on their journey to working life

A new group of summer workers started work on every Monday of June, and their “seniors”, who had been working for a week, taught their new juniors how to carry out the mapping work.

This spring, many people switched to working from home. Forum Virium Helsinki also wants to support young people on their journey to working life during the coronavirus period. Read more about the impact of the coronavirus on working life in our managing director’s blog.



Photos: Ruska Tapiovaara/Forum Virium Helsinki

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