Forum Virium Helsinki is an immensely popular urban development partner

Artikkelikuva: Forum Virium Helsinki is an immensely popular urban development partner

Companies, cities and research institutions recommend cooperation with Forum Virium. The Net Promoter Score of the interest group survey is at peak level.

Forum Virium’s recent interest group survey asked cities, companies and research institutions how likely they were to recommend cooperation with Forum Virium to their colleagues. Almost all respondents would recommend it. The Net Promoter Score calculated from the answers gave the grade of 73, which would be a ten on a school grade scale from four to ten. The grade scale ranges from minus one hundred to one hundred.

Achievements include open data, Smart Kalasatama and robot buses

Forum Virium Helsinki is the innovation company of the City of Helsinki. Urban development is done in projects that are funded by the European Union and the City of Helsinki and always include companies, the City, research institutions and city residents.

Forum Virium started the introduction of open data and flexi spaces at the City of Helsinki. Hundreds of companies have piloted their digital services in the smart city districts of Kalasatama and Jätkäsaari. Companies such as the successful Finnish company Sensible 4 have sprung up from the robot bus projects.

The City, companies and residents develop together

The residents of Helsinki are closely involved in the development of smart solutions facilitating everyday life. For example, 300 residents of Jätkäsaari are currently measuring the air quality in their neighbourhood with portable IoT sensors.

The interest group survey received responses from 280 people from companies, the public sector, research institutions and residents. The response rate was 41 per cent. The respondents said that they benefit most from the cooperation between the public and private sectors, project preparations and funding, and Forum Virium’s events and workshops.

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