MyData Conference 2019 Cities Case-studies: Implementing MyData in Europe

Artikkelikuva: MyData Conference 2019 Cities Case-studies: Implementing MyData in Europe

MyData 2019 conference is a place for accelerating global change towards a human-centric approach to personal data. On 25-27 September 2019, some 1000 experts from business, legal, tech and society sectors will gather for the fourth time in Wanha Satama, Helsinki, with the focus on how to effect the change we need.

Time: 25–27 September
Place: Wanha Satama, Helsinki

The Cities track in the programme of MyData 2019 conference

MyData 2019 conference is the flagship event of the MyData movement and will attract some 800-1000 people from around the world, representing business, legal, tech and society sectors. The aim of the MyData is to harness the power of personal data in ways that benefit individuals, fuel innovative business, and help create a more equal society.

The programme of MyData 2019 consists of over 100 presentations in more than 40 sessions in ten thematic tracks. The Cities track at MyData2019 includes sessions that tackle issues related to the different ways in which personal data can enhance the citizen experience of the residents of a smart city while respecting the human beings at the heart of all the data about them.

Why cities? 

Cities are becoming smarter and smarter by analysing vast quantities of personal data – but are we enabling also evil cities? “Efficiency through data analysis is almost impossible to say no to – but the time is now to pause and consider what it is we are building. How close are we to building an evil city – and how can we avoid it?” writes MyData 2019 presenter Simon Kavanaugh. Cities like Helsinki, Barcelona and Amsterdam are taking a human-centric approach to personal data. At MyData 2019, participants from cities across Europe share and learn about how to best use the potential of personal data to create more liveable cities. 

Cities in MyData 2019 programme:

MyData 2019 is organised by the award-winning international MyData Global nonprofit, headquartered in Finland. MyData Global’s mission is to empower individuals by improving their right to self-determination regarding their personal data.

MyData 2019 Cities-session hosted by Forum Virium

Forum Virium’s IoT Director Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts will host an opening day Cities-session from 9am to 10.15am Cities Case-studies: Implementing MyData in Europe

For years, cities have been undergoing unprecedented mutations, driven in particular by digital technology that reshaped the urban landscape and services. But while the digital impulse holds many promises by responding to major urban imperatives (securing, sanitizing, transporting…), it also raises questions of a crucial importance.

Presentations in this session

“A tale of 4 cities”: presentation of several projects that cities are doing to promote & implement the MyData model, by Manon Molins
How to co-create a human centered personal data management system : applications to energy and social services by Maria-Ines Leal and Nicolas Pernoud
As well as a presentation by Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts

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