Helsinki Loves Developers: IoT platforms boosting the smart city development 7.3.

Artikkelikuva: Helsinki Loves Developers:  IoT platforms boosting the smart city development 7.3.

Time: 7th March 2019, 3pm to 6pm
Place: Kalasatama Urban Lab (Hermannin rantatie 5, Helsinki)

Future cities should be – if not data-driven – at least data-enabled to fully seize the potential of automation, machine learning, simulation and prediction. Is the data we collect relevant enough for the city services and operations in the future? How could we make more out of the data the city and its citizens produce? Can new connectivity solutions bring ease to providing real-time data from vast amount of devices?

This event provides answers to these questions as well as an overview to Helsinki’s development and foresight company Forum Virium Helsinki’s IoT program work. We, together with the city, our partners and pilot companies, are building an open modular data ecosystem where both the city and third-parties can create value for our society through data. Welcome to learn and contribute!

Programme (tbc)

  • 15-15.05 Welcome / Tanja Lahti, Project Manager, City of Helsinki
  • 15.05-15.20 IoT and data enabling the most functional city in the world / Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts, Director, IoT, Forum Virium Helsinki
  • 15.20-15.55 SELECT4Cities: Cities and companies co-creating Internet of everything platforms through pre-commercial procurement / Natalia Reen, Tech Lead of IoT projects, Forum Virium Helsinki
  • 15.55-16.15 Vekotinverstas hack lab for getting started with IoT experimentations / Aapo Rista and Aki Salminen, IoT experts, Forum Virium Helsinki
  • Break 10-15 min
  • 16.30-17 Use cases for real-time data:
    • Synchronicity brings 4 scalable IoT pilots to Helsinki / Juha Nummila, Project manager, Forum Virium Helsinki
    • BIoTope uses open data for improved EV charging experience / Natalia Reen, Natalia Reen, Tech Lead of IoT projects, Forum Virium Helsinki
    • City of Helsinki’s IoT activities
  • 17-17.15 UIA HOPE Become a data source for data-driven air quality interventions / Eero Jalo, Project manager, Forum Virium Helsinki
  • 17.15-17.30 Connecting: new networks available for demos. LoRA, 5G/NB-IoT / Eero Jalo, Project manager, Forum Virium Helsinki
  • 17.30-17.50 Project info stands and networking
  • Next steps

This event is open for everyone and free of charge. The event will be held in English but some presentations and discussions can also be held in Finnish if needed. The event will be live-streamed on Facebook.

Please, register here or at Facebook

Photo Riku Pihlanto, source City of Helsinki

You will learn more about our substantial IoT-project Select4Cities at the 7th March event

Select4Cities project has entered an important phase of Living Lab. The co-design phase comprise of three iterations: technical installation for cities of Anwerp and Helsinki, the development stage, and end-user testing stage.

The first stage of technical installation was successfully accomplished, the results were presented by the Contractors in live meetings in Helsinki, and evaluated by the Cities’ representatives.

There are still a lot of work during Living Lab stage and the next challenge is the involvement of external developers that would volunteer to create new applications on the top of platforms, and the users who would test and justify the usage of the platform for citizens, business, and City officials.

Please check short interview videos of Select4Cities contractors made in Helsinki upon the completion of first technical iteration in January 2019.

In order to enable active usage and the development on the top of their platforms, the Select4City Contractors will perform a number of online and live Hackathons. The external developers will receive the information needed, introduction to the platform technologies and interfaces, acknowledge the best examples of the developed applications, and participate in different coding exercises. Have a look below at the three Contractors’ Hackathon intros and join in the developing process!


Hackathon for SELECT for Cities Internet of Everything (IoE) City Enabler

Aalto University Center for Knowledge and Innovation Research (CKIR) organises a one-day hackathon on 14th of March in Otaniemi campus together with Forum Virium Helsinki. Join us to develop applications for innovative urban IoE-based (Internet of Everything) services for Helsinki, to create value for citizens and businesses. You will also have a chance to win a prize worth up to 1000€!

You can compete in this hackathon as an individual or with a team (max 5 people). The participants will be working on two real-life use cases from Helsinki, using the City Enabler platform as a starting point.

1st prize: 1000€
2nd prize: 500€
3rd prize: 300€

The prizes will be given as Amazon gift cards.

Location: Väre building, class room L208, Otaniementie 14, Espoo

Event page:

This hackathon is organised in the context of third phase of SELECT for Cities project, where IoE-based platforms are being validated in Helsinki and Antwerp. City Enabler is a platform that allows urban service providers (public and private) and the local Governments to actively collaborate in exploiting urban data. It serves as a single entry point for data, provides data visualization and analysis and creates opportunities for development of new city services.

See the demo video that shows the City Enabler platform:

Interested? For further information, send your contact details (name and email) to, also to receive link to registration. Language of the event is English.


See the demo video that shows the City Enabler platform:


Minsait – An Indra Company:

Select4Cities Hackathon

Are you up for the challenge? Create your own solution for making Helsinki a smarter city by using the city’s and other data sources on INDRA/Minsait’s Onesait IoT and Big Data platform. In conjunction with the Select4Cities project, a hackathon is organized in Helsinki and Antwerp. Sign up for the hackathon now, or join the information event in Espoo to learn more about the platform and the challenge.

What: Hackathon utilizing city, environment and other data on the Onesait platform

For whom: Developers, Students, Data Scientists, anyone enthusiast for making cities smart

Skills needed: No formal programming skills required, but familiarity with basic IoT and data analysis concepts necessary


  • Information event: 7. March, 14:00at VTT Micronova, Tietotie 3, Espoo, Small Meeting Room.
    Remote participation:
  • Registration by: EXTENDED to 18. March
  • Selection of best ideas for challenge: 20. March
  • Challenge: 21-29. March
  • Presentation of awards: 2. April

Prizes: 500€ (3rd), 1500€ (2nd) and 3000€ (1st)


More information:


The aim of the hackathon is to bring together a diverse range of perspectives, from academics to entrepreneurship and professionals to create innovative smart city solutions utilising Big Data and IoT. Participants will compete by developing a prototype using Onesait platform capabilities to improve Antwerp Smart Zone and Helsinki’s Jätkäsaari area.

Some examples of possible solutions; new sensors to let the city speak (noise source detectors, crowds), gadgets and public devices for citizen interaction (actuators, sensors) or apps to increase city interactions or any other way to understand the Talk of The Town and improve citizens life.

The developments have to be created on top of INDRA/Minsait’s Onesait Platform. You can use the wide selection of tools provided on the platform and the Data Sources loaded for both Antwerp and Helsinki environments. Examples of loaded data are air pollution, traffic flow, maritime traffic data… If you need it, you can upload your own Data Source.

Information on the platform:

Access to the Helsinki platform:

IOT & Big Data Hackathon: Create your own idea for a smarter, more human and more connected Helsinki. Do you dare to challenge?

See the demo video that shows the Onesait Platform:


University of Florence:

What is Snap4city? The Snap4City solution provides a flexible method and solution to quickly create a large range of smart city applications exploiting heterogeneous data and enabling services for stakeholders by  IOT – IOE, data analytics and Bigdata technologies.

Snap4City has decided to launch an Hackathon to look for innovative ways to live more responsibly!

– Three challenges / prizes on Sentient Smart Cities and IOT

– 29,000 euros of awards

Register to the hackathon following each requirement!

See the demo video that shows the Snap4City platform:


All of the Select4Cities companies and platforms are present at the forthcoming Helsinki Loves Developers IoT-event on 7th March. Welcome along!



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