Exclusive look at the first results from TREASoURcE demos 29.5.2024

Artikkelikuva: Exclusive look at the first results from TREASoURcE demos 29.5.2024

Welcome to the TREASoURcE webinar: Local circular economy solutions to global challenges – Exclusive look at the first results from TREASoURcE demos! The webinar will be hosted online on Wednesday 29 May 2024 at 9.00–16.00 CEST.

Time: 29.5.2024 9am to 4pm CEST
Place: Online

During three thematic sessions centred around the TREASoURcE Key Value Chains (Plastics, Batteries and Bio-based side and waste streams), you will hear about the results and findings from the first half of the project. We will have keynotes from each of the KVCs coupled with presentations based on the state-of-the-art analysis, stakeholder engagement and replication work carried out in TREASoURcE. The programme will also include ample time for discussion and questions from the audience in order to share experiences and lessons learned and to support replication of the developed circular economy solutions.

Additionally, our Replication Handbook will be launched during the event. The Handbook will be an interactive collection of the project findings, tested formats and solutions.

The programme is designed so that a full day’s attendance will give you an insightful transdisciplinary overview of the value chains, but each session can also be attended separately.

We welcome all stakeholders interested in the TREASoURcE results, developed CE solutions and their replication, including local and regional actors, businesses, policy and decision makers, academia, networks, clusters and ecosystems.

Agenda (CEST – click to zoom)

Registration for the webinar is now open. Please note that the event may be recorded.

If you have any questions, please contact info@treasource.eu.

Read more about the TREASoURcE Key Value Chains here.

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