AI4Cities Final demonstrations webinar 29.9.

Artikkelikuva: AI4Cities Final demonstrations webinar 29.9.

Welcome to meet AI4Cities’ seven finalists and hear about their AI based emission reduction solutions in the Final demonstrations webinar on the 29th of September!

AI4Cities project is proudly presenting solutions and teams which have developed AI based solutions to reduce CO2 emissions in cities under two domains, mobility and energy. During the spring and the summer each supplier has piloted the solutions in two cities to test and estimate the potential of the service. 

In this webinar, the seven finalists will explain and show how their solutions work, how they help cities to reduce CO2 emissions and utilise AI as part of the service. The webinar is open for all.

AI4Cities is an EU funded PCP project which is funding development and the prototype piloting of new solutions which can reduce CO2 and other GHG emissions produced by energy and mobility and utilise artificial intelligence as part of the core solution. PCP (pre-commercial procurement) means that we are working with solutions that are not yet on the market and the selected suppliers will get funding for R&D operations. 

The project partners are Forum Virium Helsinki (on behalf of the City of Helsinki), Tallinn, Stavanger, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Cap Digital (Paris region) and Iclei (communication).

As a part of the evaluation and dissemination AI4Cities is organising an online demonstration event for potential customers and other stakeholders on Thursday 29th September 2022 at 9:00 – 15:00 (CET).


9:00 Welcome: AICities’ journey through the PCP process, Kaisa Sibelius & Petteri Rekomaa, Forum Virium Helsinki

9:30 Ix3 – MarshallAI 

10:00 MPAT tool – Vianova

10:30 Avenue – Nommon

11:00 break

11:15 C-in.City – Kayrros

11:45 BEE – Eeneman

12:15 lunch

13:15 Holoni – AlphaVenturi

13:45 Spike – Enerbrain

14:15 Phase 2 suppliers

  • Carto
  • Insight Signals
  • Ubiwhere
  • Kentyou
  • IBM
  • The Predictive Company
  • Rebase

14:45 Closing words

15:00 Webinar ends

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Project Manager Kaisa Sibelius

Kaisa Sibelius
Project Manager
+358 40 570 1317

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