Digital wayfinding for summertime events in Helsinki

Artikkelikuva: Digital wayfinding for summertime events in Helsinki

Digital wayfinding service at downtown Helsinki offers citizen information about summertime events while Lovely Helsinki city festival and traditional Helsinki day take over the streets of Helsinki in May and June.

Lovely Helsinki city festival takes place in Helsinki city centre from 19th to 22nd of May. The happenings of the festival can also be found on the wayfinding service on touch screens around downtown Helsinki. The two main events of the festival Tour de Terrace -terrace adventure and Flower exhibition can be found on clicking the champagne or the flower icons on the map. Other Lovely Helsinki events can also be found on the service.

“The idea behind Lovely Helsinki city festival is that it would become an event anticipated by all citizen. The festival has been growing each year and this year we have more partners than ever before. The touchscreens help citizen find our main events and venues of Flower exhibition and Tour de Terrace not forgetting other Lovely Helsinki events and partners”, describes Hanna Arkio-dos Santos from Pluto Finland

On Helsinki Day 12th of June there are myriad of events from guided tours to Helsinki Day concert in Kaisaniemi park. Citizen can familiarize with Helsinki Day events on the touch screens a week before Helsinki day. All Helsinki Day events from all over the city and tips on best events are found on the wayfinding service.

“During Helsinki Day there are thousands of people in the city and the city offers events for everyone. It is interesting to test digital wayfinding for the events and see if citizen will take advantage of it. Digital wayfinding helps citizen because the information is easily available for them”, says Helsinki Day producer Marianne Saukkonen

The campaigns offer a link to free event application Eventmore. Eventmore shows event information and a new feature to the service is that citizen can see pictures related to the event on Eventmore. Using the application citizen can easily find their way to the venues in the city as well as in the suburbs.

Different campaigns on the wayfinding service provide citizen with interesting information about events happening in Helsinki. Interesting content in the wayfinding service helps to make it more recognizable for citizen. The wayfinding service is developed with the City of Helsinki and Clear Channel. Locations of the wayfinding service are included in City of Helsinki Service map. Forum Virium Helsinki is a part of City of Helsinki wayfinding committee that steers the planning of wayfinding in Helsinki.

The campaigns were executed with Visit Helsinki, Helsinki Marketing Oy, Pluto Finland, Great Apes and Evenman.

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