Code4Europe fellowship programme for Finland launched at the Open Knowledge Festival 19th of September

Code4Europe– taking after the Code4America – is an initiative in which talented web developers, designers and entrepreneurs work for the municipalities and other public institutions in seven European cities for a fixed period of time. They will work on web and mobile applications for the civic innovations and contribute to making cities more open and efficient.

The Fellowship programme helps cities to leverage technology and better engage the community by supporting the movement towards transparency and collaboration. Yet, it brings top talents to the public institutions with out-of the-box answers to cities’ common challenges. Moreover, the fellows and the cities will not only make a real difference in each city, but they also show what’s possible in any city.

The call for applications opens on 1st of October and will be open until 4th of November 2012. More information can be found from the Code4Europe ( and Forum Virium’s websites ( after the launch event. Stay tuned!

Further information:

Marja Mattila
EU Coordinator, CitySDK
Forum Virium Helsinki
tel. +358 40 7440067


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