BlindSquare guides visually impaired to services

Artikkelikuva: BlindSquare guides visually impaired to services

Since its publishing in AppStore last May, BlindSquare has reached a global user base in only a few weeks. 

BlindSquare is a GPS application designed to aid the blind and partially sighted. The app announces addresses and desired services for the user within a chosen area. BlindSquare guides the user to the right place and announces the right stop to get off public transport. The app is available on iPhone and iPad. 
BlindSquare is based on the open API of FourSquare and OpenStreetMap and utilizes Apple’s VoiceOver technology. It also utilizes GPS data and speech synthesis technology, which translates text into audio in Finnish, Swedish and English. FourSquare provides the app with locations, categories and public ratings of desired services, thus enabling the user to make their final choice. 
Even though the app has been available in AppStore for a few weeks only, it has already drawn global interest. The app was developed by MIPsoft and has been tested by volunteers found through the Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired as well as international test users. 
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