Apps4Finland competition launches for 2014

Artikkelikuva: Apps4Finland competition launches for 2014
Apps4Finland is an open data innovation contest. Organised now for the sixth time, it encourages citizens to come up with new ideas on how to utilize the open data reserves of public administration. Over the years, the competition has inspired number of excellent applications, visualizations and ideas.
In 2014, the Project Manager of Apps4Finland is Joonas Pekkanen. He is a civic activist and a start-up entrepreneur, the founder of the Open Ministry promoting citizens’ possibilities to influence political decision-making. Joonas also works as an Open Democracy expert in the EU-funded D-CENT project, partnering Forum Virium Helsinki.
“Apps4Finland has evolved into the biggest open data networks in Finland. It has supported hundreds of developers and made Finland one of the leading countries in utilizing open data”, says Joonas. 
Better use of open data
In 2014, Apps4Finland continues to grow into a supporter of creativity and problem solving. More time and effort will be invested into sharing data coaching to the challenge partners. This year, the president of the jury is Mikael Jungner, the former party secretary of the Social Democratic Party of Finland, a member of the Finnish parliament and a former managing director of the Finnish national broadcaster YLE.
Apps4Finland welcomes new data sources, applications, visualizations and ideas as entries. It features four main categories: Inspire, Decipher, Impact and Enable. In addition to these, the participants can also be awarded with challenge prizes.
The competition is launched on the 6th of June, at the Design Museum, Helsinki. >> see details and registrate
Schedule for 2014:
3rd of November 2014: Deadline for entries
3rd of December 2014: Awards ceremony
Apps4Finland is organized by Forum Virium Helsinki, Open Knowledge Finland and the Finnish Association for Online Democracy.
More information:
Project Manager Joonas Pekkanen
tel. + 358 50 584 6800


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