UrbanSense 5G innovation platform

Artikkelikuva: UrbanSense 5G innovation platform

The UrbanSense innovation platform consists of the 5G online offering and the data platform services offered by the University of Helsinki to interest groups. The innovation platform facilitates the pilot programme and brings operators together to form a single network to create value.

Are you interested in the opportunities offered to your business by the latest online technology? Do you want to be part of creating new services for urban residents? Utilise the piloting opportunities offered by the open UrbanSense 5G innovation platform, co-creation workshops geared at examining use cases, sparring, and workshops exploring the opportunities to be gained from technology.

We bring device suppliers, network operators, City organisations, service application producers and other local businesses and scientific communities together and help you find new partners.

The methods realised in the pilot testbeds contain several practices, such as facilitated pilot programmes and innovation competitions. They can be used to involve external teams in development work in both the digital and the physical environment. The open UrbanSense 5G innovation platform facilitates the pilot programme according to themed objectives and brings operators together to form a single network to create value.

The pilot platform enables services to be linked with the University of Helsinki data platform and the City infrastructure. The University of Helsinki Kumpula pilot platform will be expanded to cover a more comprehensive entity including the city centre, Pasila and Jätkäsaari, thus forming an innovation platform. Together with the users of the innovation platform, the operations will generate new solutions, products, services or new business or test and develop them in real-life urban environments with the help of co-creation tools with links to a more comprehensive urban entity.

Physical areas:

  • Kumpula campus
  • Pasila 5G (Pasila high-rises), Tripla
  • Jätkäsaari (UIA HOPE)
  • Helsinki city centre (5G coverage).

Digital environment:

  • The University of Helsinki data platform. MegaSense
  • Commercial 5G networks
  • Ecosystem 5G platforms according to use case. 5GTNF
  • University of Helsinki 5G coverage.
  • Commercial LTE/4G + NB-IOT/LTE-M networks
  • EdgeComputing: Telia inmicsnebula Cloud9, RAIN Edge

Co-creation workshops

The co-creation workshops are a way of involving the innovation platform network in the pilots more comprehensively, starting discussions and kick-starting new ideas. UrbanSense will organise one workshop per pilot during the pilot round. The objectives of the workshop will be determined together with the pilot team, and the experts that attend each workshop will be carefully selected. From time to time, a shared workshop will be organised for a few pilots, if their themes complement each other. Workshops may also be organised in accordance with a selected theme to activate residents and businesses to develop new solutions, products, services and business.

How can I participate?

  • By participating in the facilitated pilot programme through competitive tendering. The UrbanSense project challenges companies to promote the adoption of 5G technology through new, innovative pilots. To support this challenge, we are offering access to an extensive network of experts and an innovative environment in Helsinki’s central Living Lab areas. Keep an eye on UrbanSense project communications on future pilot challenges.
  • By participating in the pilot programme facilitated with the help of the innovation competition. You can find further information on the innovation competition on the Forum Virium website. The UrbanSense 5G innovation competition
  • By participating in the UrbanSense project workshops or by suggesting a workshop theme. Application form to submit a theme suggestion for a workshop

You can also tell us what you would like to experience on the innovation platform or how you can participate in the development of the innovation platform. Application form to tell us what you would like to experience

By joining our mailing list you can get information on current news, activities and events related to the innovation platform. https://fvh.io/us5gfi

You can find further information on the UrbanSense project programme on the Forum Virium website or by contacting UrbanSense Project Manager Eero Jalo at eero.jalo@forumvirium.fi

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