SynchroniCity incorporates the expertise gathered from Forum Virium Helsinki’s data harmonisation and data business projects into the IoT market. The goal of the project is to create better preconditions for scaling IoT services to larger markets across city and country borders.

Helsinki is participating in the SynchroniCity project together with the world’s leading smart cities. The project incorporates the expertise gathered from Forum Virium Helsinki projects focused on data harmonisation and data business into the IoT market. In the project, cities share their best practices through successful practical examples and IoT interface definitions, for example. For city residents, SynchroniCity offers pilots that ease their day-to-day lives by utilising IoT-based solutions. The project seeks solutions from companies to the following challenges relevant to cities and their residents:

• Climate change mitigation
• Reducing air and noise pollution
• Enabling and improving MaaS ‘
• Encouraging more non-motorised transport
• Increasing citizen engagement in decision making
• Increasing a greater level of diversity in political engagement
• Open challenge

Companies participate in the project by piloting smart solutions in authentic environments in various cities.

Extensive European and international cooperation

Eight European cities are participating in the project: Antwerp, Carouge, Eindhoven, Helsinki, Manchester, Milan, Porto and Santander. In addition to European cities, cities in Mexico and South Korea are also participating.
SynchroniCity is a joint project of organisations, including cities, companies, organisations and research centres. The total budget of the project is 20 million euros. The project will be implemented in 2017–2019, and it is a part of the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme.

Status of the open call for IoT solution as of 30 November 2018

The SynchroniCity open call attracted a total of 131 applications, from among which 16 pilots have been selected to advance to the next stage of the project. The selected pilots will be carried out in a total of 18 cities. This means that the scope of the SynchroniCity project is also being expanded to 10 new cities in addition to the original 8.

Further information on the status of the open call is available here.

Further information

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