What does Helsinki taste like? Suggest a food product that brings Helsinki to life!

Artikkelikuva: What does Helsinki taste like? Suggest a food product that brings Helsinki to life!

We are looking for food products suitable azs souvenirs for Helsinki’s food year. Suggest a food product that showcases a connection to Helsinki, sustainability, and has a delightful story attached to it! The suggestions will also be used in the gifts given to the City of Helsinki’s guests during the Food Year 2024.

Food is one of the central themes of events and tourism in Helsinki in 2024, when Helsinki transforms into a stage for spectacular food events. Helsinki’s food year is created together with the city, local businesses, and Helsinki residents. The city attracts both domestic and international tourists who want unforgettable food experiences. Food souvenirs are an essential part of memories, allowing people to take a piece of Helsinki home with them!

The City of Helsinki will host the event unveiling the latest Michelin Stars for Nordic restaurants on the 27th of May, 2024. This unveiling is one of the most famous food industry events in the world, and will certainly bring the top Nordic restaurant industry representatives to Helsinki. The suggestions from this open call will be used in compiling the gift bag distributed to the media during this unveiling event and potentially as branded products for the City of Helsinki. 

On 27 May 2024, the City of Helsinki will be honoured to host the event unveiling the latest MICHELIN Stars for Nordic restaurants. The unveiling is one of the world’s most famous food industry events, and it is certain to bring top Nordic restaurant industry representatives to our city.

What kind of products are sought?

The product should embody the following criteria:

  • Connection to Helsinki
  • Sustainability 
  • The story of Helsinki

Connection to Helsinki: The product has a clear connection to Helsinki. It is developed or manufactured in Helsinki, or it has a Helsinki-based innovator or operator behind it. The product may also be strongly inspired by Helsinki.

Sustainability: The product considers social, cultural, and environmental responsibility as thoroughly as possible. Sustainability can be reflected in the choice of ingredients, production chain, packaging, or transportation. We aim to favour plant-based products and ingredients in line with the city’s guidelines. Helsinki is an official Fair Trade City, so Fair Trade products and ingredients are sought after and promoted. We also encourage other sustainability certifications.

Story of Helsinki: The product tells a story about Helsinki and reinforces the image of Helsinki. The story gives the product and the company roots. Storytelling may not necessarily mean written or verbal text but can also be reflected in the company’s values and packaging choices. The product highlights Helsinki’s unique features as a food city, such as urban nature, the influence of the sea, wild food, food innovations, sustainable solutions, authenticity, and unique experiences.

In addition to embodying Helsinki, sustainability, and the story, a suitable food product is appealing, delicious, high-quality, and evokes delightful emotions!

Other criteria: The food product should be shelf-stable at room temperature. The product can also be a non-alcoholic beverage.

Evaluation and selection process

You can suggest a food product using the form below. The form can be filled out in Finnish or English.

The application period has ended. We will inform everyone who submitted a proposal as soon as possible.

The Urban&Local project will compile the proposals for the City of Helsinki, which will assess the product range for the gift bags. Suggestions from the open call may also be utilised in the further development of Helsinki’s food souvenirs. 

Photo: Lauri Rotko / Material Bank of the City of Helsinki

Urban&Local – Future Food Ecosystem -project (01/2023–12/2025) aims to develop innovative solutions, practices, products and services in local food and restaurant business, as well as create a framework for sustainable business models and cooperation between stakeholders. The project is coordinated by Forum Virium Helsinki, and partners are Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Perho Culinary, Tourism & Business college and the city of Vantaa. The project is partly funded by the European Regional Development Fund. 

Additional information

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Roosa Halonen
Project Manager
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Project Planner Olivia Fokeerah

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Project Planner
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