SPOTTED hackathon deadline extended: open data solutions for urban green areas management

Artikkelikuva: SPOTTED hackathon deadline extended: open data solutions for urban green areas management

In the virtual hackathon of the SPOTTED project, we are looking for new solutions and prototypes which are based on open data and support sustainable urban development. Send your proposal by 17th January! The best proposals will receive cash prizes.

The consortium of SPOTTED and DYDAS  – both projects funded by the CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) programme – together launched a virtual hackathon for startups, developers, researchers, students or technology enthusiasts. The hackathon is a competition for innovative ideas aimed at developing new smart city services, solutions and applications. The SPOTTED project is focusing on new ideas for planning, management and maintenance of urban green areas.

The proposals can be ideas, demos or complete prototypes related to technical challenges or operative activities in cities. We wish to receive innovative proposals that are based on open data and support European cities’ sustainable development goals.

Here are some examples of themes from which you can start building your ideas!

  • Changes in protected areas and other sensitive natural environments
  • Amount and change of urban greenery
  • Changes in urban trees/parks
  • Urban Heat Island phenomenon and environments exposed to heat waves (or other extreme weather phenomena)

Open data related to Helsinki can be found in the Helsinki Region Infoshare, and the EU’s open satellite data can be accessed via the Copernicus Open Access Hub.

To participate, please fill in the form on the CEF Virtual Hackathon webpage and submit it by 17th January 2023: SPOTTED Challenge

Participation in the hackathon is free of charge. The best ideas will receive cash prizes: the best 5000 euros, the second 3000 euros and the third 2000 euros. This competition is a great opportunity to gain international visibility and introduce innovative solutions to the partner cities of the SPOTTED project.

See more information about the hackathon

Do not hesitate to get in touch and ask us about the hackathon or local datasets!

The SPOTTED and DYDAS projects and the hackathon are funded by CEF, Connecting Europe Facility). The organiser FIWARE Foundation is responsible for all the materials related to the competition.

Photo: Sasa Tkalcan/Helsinki Partners

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