Smart City District Kalasatama in Helsinki won the first prize in the international KNX Award

Artikkelikuva: Smart City District Kalasatama in Helsinki won the first prize in the international KNX Award

The smart neighbourhood of Kalasatama in Helsinki won the first prize in the international KNX Award contest. Kalasatama’s smart real estate and housing automation and energy solutions participated in the finals along 40 other propositions.

“The award is a great acknowledgement to the City of Helsinki in the field of smart city development. It shows how important roles the cities play as enablers of new markets. Requiring open standards and innovative terms for the conveyance of plots have worked in Kalasatama. In this way, the City can offer big enough test platforms for the testing and spreading of new sustainable solutions. In the best case, using a known standard helps new innovations spread around the world”, says Helsinki Deputy Mayor for the Urban Environment Anni Sinnemäki.

In Kalasatama, the KNX standard is used in the automatisation of the building services engineering. This means that the system steers the functions of the buildings, such as the heating, lighting and safety technology in a flexible and energy-efficient way.

Kalasatama is becoming the world’s most extensive integrated area that utilises a building services engineering standard. Currently, the standard is used by the Helen-delivered service Hima, through which the inhabitants can regulate the energy and water consumption and manage the electricity with a smartphone or a tablet computer.

“The introduction of a standard for an entire neighbourhood offers a possibility to develop and spread different kinds of energy and real estate automation solutions. Besides Hima, we hope that the companies utilise Kalasatama’s KNX channel in imaginative ways for different kinds of housing and smart energy services” says Forum Virium’s Programme Manager Veera Mustonen.

Smart energy system in terms for conveyance of plots

Earlier this year, the City of Helsinki and Kalasatama were awarded at Finland’s KNX Contest, as the first city in Finland that has implemented terms for conveyance of plots relating to smart energy systems in Kalasatama. This has made it possible to develop the area as an entity into a true smart city neighbourhood.

KNX Award Contest

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Smart Kalasatama

Photo: Riku Pihlanto / MyHelsinki material bank

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