Writing on Smart City or urban innovations? Interview our specialists!

Artikkelikuva: Writing on Smart City or urban innovations? Interview our specialists!

Need another opinion, an expert’s take or a future vision on your news item or article? Or are you wondering how city development issues could be tackled with data or technology? Contact our innovation experts!

Forum Virium Helsinki is a non-profit innovation company of the City of Helsinki. Our role is to bring cities and citizens, researchers and companies together to innovate low-carbon urban solutions for Helsinki, Finland and the entire European Union.

We have been co-creating Smart City, Smart Mobility and Data solutions since 2005 together with a number of European companies, cities, regions, research institutes and universities.

Feel free to interview our urban innovation experts: forumvirium.fi/en/contact/media.

Our innovation specialists can help you with the following topics

  • Smart City
    • Future of smart cities
    • Smart districts and suburbs
    • Urban green solutions and future of urban nature
    • Urban local food and future of local food production 
    • Co-creation, non-profit innovation process and piloting
  • Smart Mobility
    • Urban Air Mobility and drones 
    • Autonomous mobility and robot busses 
    • Autonomous water transport and callboats 
    • Smart logistics and delivery robots
    • Digital twins for mobility
    • Electric transport
    • MaaS (Mobility as a Service)
  • Data
    • IoT and AI
    • Open data
    • Responsible data collecting
    • Data-based management and value creation
    • Wellbeing with data
    • Helsinki’s digital twin
    • Data sensors

Our communications team is always ready to help you with the latest news tips.

Additional information

Communications Manager, Head of team Jussi Karmala

Jussi Karmala
Communications Manager, Head of team
+358 40 591 6744

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