The Pocket Book for Agile Piloting

Artikkelikuva: The Pocket Book for Agile Piloting

Agile piloting has proved to be a flexible and functional way to experiment innovative solutions in an urban environment and to increase co-operation between the city, startups, and residents. The Pocket Book for Agile Piloting shares the experiences from Smart Kalasatama and Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab in Helsinki and condenses the key learnings in a pragmatic and easily digestible way.

Cities are looking for new ways of working together with companies, residents and other stakeholders to get a wider understanding of the needs of the future. Agile piloting provides a model for quick experimentation of new services in a real-world environment. 

Learning together and getting valuable real life experience is the main goal of these short, early phase low-cost experiments. Generating new understanding about emerging services and technologies is at the heart of the process. Lessons learned pave the way for future services with better availability of data and interfaces, or learnings for better planning and policy-making.

More than 50 agile pilots have been run in different urban labs in Helsinki by Forum Virium Helsinki. The thematic piloting rounds have ranged from climate positive solutions to education, mobility and wellbeing. The model has also been adopted widely in the six biggest cities of Finland, and in 2019, in the city of Stavanger in Norway.

Agile piloting in the district urban labs of Smart Kalasatama and Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab in Helsinki has accumulated already a great amount of experiences.

“This pocket book takes a very practice-oriented approach for orchestrating co-creation. With the experience of running numerous agile piloting programmes, we considered it useful to share some of the key insights to the community of urban innovators in an easily digestible way”, says Kaisa Spilling, Development Manager from Forum Virium Helsinki.

The Pocket Book for Agile Piloting works as a guide for urban developers interested in applying experimental approaches and shares insight on how to get the most out of agile piloting. The Pocket Book sheds light on how to engage the key stakeholders, facilitate  co-creation with residents or city partners . The book gives practical tips and presents concrete case examples from urban living labs in Helsinki. 

This pocket book is useful to anyone interested in urban experimentation and co-creation. We hope to inspire urban developers to experiment and learn, engaging the whole city community to co-create better cities together” says Janne Rinne, Project Manager of Jätkäsaari Mobility lab. 

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The Pocket Book for Agile Piloting is published by 6Aika Last Mile, 6Aika New Solutions in City logistics and Smart Kalasatama projects.

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