Smart Kalasatama Cookbook for Urban Innovators

Artikkelikuva: Smart Kalasatama Cookbook for Urban Innovators

The programme for Agile piloting is a proven way to support and accelerate urban development and to engage a wider stakeholder network to co-create new smart and sustainable services. During 2015-2018 the Smart Kalasatama Agile Piloting Programme has facilitated 21 innovative agile pilots in real life environment.

This cookbook for Agile Piloting  shares the lessons and best practices learned in Smart Kalasatama.  In 2016–18 the 21 pilots with more than 30 companies and 1,000 residents were facilitated in the programme. The format spread quickly to the rest of Helsinki and other Finnish cities. The agile piloting programme provides a model that can be used to get innovators (startups, SMEs, communities) to develop new smart solutions in an real life environment with end users. The pilots are run in a 6 month long period. The goal is to maximize learning: get everyone involved, including public authorities and established companies in the field.

The best way to speed up smart city development is by involving companies and residents in co-creation and experimentation of new smart and sustainable solutions. Experimentation makes smart city development visible and palpable. Furthermore, it creates possibilities for the citizens and stakeholders to participate. Piloting offers a neutral space for co-development and learning, and provides possibilities for collaboration beyond experimentation. The format is developed further in Kalasatama:  piloting programmes related to learning environments and wellbeing are running, and cooperation and partnership models with corporations are further explored.


Cookbook for Urban Innovators

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