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The Insight+ project developed a service platform for company providers

Artikkelikuva: Project introduction

The Insight+ EIT Digital project developed a platform for managing and communicating about projects and funding, in particular from public sector providers or universities to companies.


The service can automatically retrieve information from different data sources, for example through interfaces.

Partners, duration and budget

  • The application was developed by Xpand Group Ltd. from Northern Ireland. The project was coordinated by Connected Places Catapult and other partners at the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid UPM (Information Infrastructure) and Forum Virium Helsinki (UX / End User Testing).
  • The project was run in 2019.
  • Total budget was €998 195, of which Forum Virium Helsinki contributed €21 750.

The role of Forum Virium Helsinki

The role of Forum Virium Helsinki was to provide feedback and test the software platform developed by the Xpand Group. In addition, we assess the usability and suitability of the platform for the Finnish market.

Key achievements of the project

Participation in the project provided an opportunity to evaluate the solution for enterprise development services and to inform companies about the nature of the Finnish market.

Benefit to Helsinki

The project strengthens data capabilities of the City of Helsinki.






Further information

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