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EMPOWER – rewarding change

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Positive incentives for new transport choices: reducing the use of conventionally fuelled vehicles

The EMPOWER project aims at substantially reducing the use of conventionally fuelled vehicles (CFV) in cities. Adopting a reward approach, the project explores utilising positive incentives delivered through e.g., smart phones, to persuade people to make shifts in their transport choices and habits. The goal is thus to contribute in improving urban traffic flows, air quality, as well as reducing CO2 emissions and oil consumption.

Helsinki one of the pilot cities

Funded by the European Commission’s Horizon2020 programme, the project combines empirical research with practical implementation in Helsinki and other cities involved in the initiative. Implementation of EMPOWER in Helsinki relates to the following themes:
•    a growing focus on business travel with potential to divert companies from providing company cars and parking space for their employees to providing an allowance to their personal mobility account instead
•    promoting new transport modes, for example electric car sharing and new types of rental car offering
•    working with the regional public transit authority HSL ( with campaigns promoting the use of public transport and promoting Helsinki’s new city bike scheme

In addition to Helsinki, there are three other Living Lab Cities and numerous Take-Up Cities and Communities involved in the initiative. A separate Open Call for Take-Up Organizations takes place in late 2015. The project started in May 2015 and runs 36 months until 2018, having an overall budget of €4.89 million euros. Look out e.g., for the EMPOWER Toolkit for more information on the project.

Additional information on the EMPOWER project

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EMPOWER is about rewarding change. We are researching how positive incentives can encourage citizens to reconsider their travel choices and reduce the extent to which they travel using conventionally fuelled vehicles.



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