Project planner Nikita Akmaikin works with the FinEst Twins and Carbon Neutral Tourism projects

Artikkelikuva: Project planner Nikita Akmaikin works with the FinEst Twins and Carbon Neutral Tourism projects

[vc_column]Who are you, where do you come from and what work have you done?

“My name is Nikita Akmaikin and I started at Forum Virium in May. My background comes mainly from the IoT industry. Prior to joining Forum Virium, I have worked as an IT Coordinator for some time. Additionally, for a couple of years, I was running an IoT startup for a consultancy company with the idea to bring servitization to the sensor business. My career started during my studies when I was developing my smart-watch startup with a small but productive team.”

What project are you working with and what is your role in it?

“There are two projects that I am contributing to. First is the FinEst Twins project, aiming at developing a smart city Center of Excellence, where I take the Technical Expert role exploring Microsoft Azure solutions and applying them for the project and city needs. The second project is Carbon Neutral Tourism, where we aim at reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the tourism sector by using data-driven solutions. My role there is a Project Planner, I am taking the tasks related to converting ideas and problems into technical components by following product management frameworks.”

What do you anticipate to see and do?

“I am looking forward to seeing how Forum Virium contributes to the development of smart cities in general. Also, it is surely interesting for me to see how the projects I am part of will be bringing value in the end and how we achieve the initial goals. I believe with such projects Helsinki can truly become the number one smart city in the world.”

What interests you?

“What interests me most in the work environment is to learn how exactly Forum Virium manages its projects in such a way that initial ideas and problems get solved within such a short time. Time management, ideas, approaches, frameworks very much excite me when it happens to be working with startups and innovation projects.”

What do you do in your spare time?

“During the last couple of years, I have been taking quite many studies, and I am still spending quite a big part of my spare time studying. Nonetheless, there is still some free time which goes into hobbies such as boating in our beautiful Helsinki archipelago, cooking, biking, and watching different series. The list of hobbies is endless for me.”

How would you like to develop a smart city?

“I think there are many great existing ideas and concepts within the smart city topic. I would like to be part of the transition process from the ideation phase into an actual solution creation phase using my knowledge in digital solutions. Making a data-driven city enabling simpler human lives is the priority for me.”

What type of skill do you bring to Forum Virium Helsinki?

“Besides being a Master of Engineering with an IoT background I think I bring startup experience to Forum Virium. Such experience in my opinion helps to see the problem from its earliest point of creation and helps to transit these problems into the actual solution.”


Welcome to Forum Virium Helsinki, Nikita!


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