Open Call for 6Aika Carbon Neutral Tourism data platform

Artikkelikuva: Open Call for 6Aika Carbon Neutral Tourism data platform

6Aika Carbon Neutral Tourism (1.3.2020–31.12.2021) is an EAKR-funded 6Aika project. 6Aika is a joint strategy of Finland’s six largest cities (Helsinki, Espoo, Tampere, Vantaa, Oulu and Turku) to develop more open and smarter services and to create new knowledge, business and jobs. The Carbon Neutral Tourism project partners are the City of Helsinki, Visit Tampere and the City of Turku. The Open Call will be on until the 8th June 2021. 

The aim of the project is to reduce CO2 emissions in the tourism sector and increase energy efficiency by developing smart solutions using data and new operating models for the use of actors in the sector.

During the project, a metrics suitable for the tourism industry will be built in co-operation with the Regional Council of Lapland Välkky project, relevant data sources will be developed and combined, these will be compiled into a common data repository and the data will be transformed into useful and easily accessible information.

The information can be used to make the necessary changes and service developments to reduce emissions from the tourism sector. The project will build a digital data platform and develop an operating model by co-developing with industry actors and stakeholders. The platform is piloted at selected locations.

Description for the purchase 

6Aika Carbon Neutral Tourism is seeking data platform service providers through an innovative program in cooperation with Forum Virium, Helsinki ELO, Turku and Visit Tampere. Carbon Neutral Tourism project is requesting quotes for the implementation of the Carbon Neutral Tourism platform solution (MVP) according to the planning phase in this document.

We favour cost-effectiveness by using high-quality off-the-shelf components such as Microsoft cloud services like Azure, Power BI, Embedded Power BI. We require Microsoft technology expert and application development expertise as well as expertise in implementing integrations, APIs, data storage, IAM, reports and Dashboard expertise applying data transformation, data ingestion, data loading, manipulating data flows.

We favour a solution that works for different user needs from web browser to expert BI users. Detailed user roles attached document. Supplier will build up a solution on the top of the resource group from The City of Helsinki subscription under owner Helsinki directions. (Azure, DW, BI).

How to apply

Please use the link below to fill in the Open Call for 6Aika Carbon Neutral Tourism data platform -application form. Apply by the 8th June 2021 before 11.59pm.

6Aika Carbon Neutral Tourism Open Call Application Form

For more information see the Acquisitions information and attached documents.

Procurement price

Service purchase does not exceed the threshold of a small service purchase.
● Total value of the service procurement is max. 21 500€
● Other service options will be purchased separately.

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