Offer your AR/VR solution and pilot it in a 5G environment in Helsinki

Artikkelikuva: Offer your AR/VR solution and pilot it in a 5G environment in Helsinki

Does your company have an AR/VR solution that would be suitable for urban use and could utilise the 5G network? We are looking to purchase pilots for as much as EUR 8,000. Submit your offer of an AR/VR solution by 19 April!

The UrbanSense project challenges companies to promote the adoption of 5G technology through new, innovative pilots. To support this challenge, we are offering access to an extensive network of experts and an innovative environment in Helsinki’s central Living Lab areas. The project will include a total of three pilot procurement rounds. The maximum value for a single pilot is EUR 8,000.

The competitive tendering for the second pilot round is open until 19 April 2019, and pilots can be proposed via the form at the bottom of this page. The maximum value for a single pilot is EUR 8,000.

Challenge 2: AR/VR

Develop and test the market with a new AR/VR product that utilises 5G technology to transmit large amounts of data and situation pictures in all but real-time. The pilot will provide valuable experience and new information about your product. The pilot may also be a part of a greater entity or concept. Solutions utilising augmented and virtual reality are suited to different solutions in terms of demonstrations and transmitting real-time situation pictures. The purpose of the pilot is to accelerate the adoption and raise awareness of this new technology through innovative experiments.

The intention is to publish the AR/VR product at an event in Helsinki with a theme that is aligned with the product. The details of the schedule and test period are agreed with the participant.

What might we learn during the pilot?

We value AR/VR products that have high novelty value and that are significant through their utilisation of 5G technology. Solutions with high novelty value also include proposals that utilise existing solutions in new ways.

The UrbanSense project purchases pilots through small-scale procurement

The most functional city in the world is home to many possible AR/VR applications. Surprise us with your innovative solution!

Examples of possible AR and VR applications:

  • utilising the 3D model of Helsinki
  • virtual guides for tourists, for example
  • multimedia experiences
  • city planning and construction
  • teaching, training and simulations
  • maintenance and servicing
  • assembly and automation
  • 360-degree videos.

Be sure to also check the assessment criteria (in Finnish).

The offer form has been closed on April 19th 2019.



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