New Forum Virium Helsinki website

Artikkelikuva: New Forum Virium Helsinki website

The new website focuses on accessibility, customer orientation and a fresh visual style.

Forum Virium Helsinki has overhauled its website. On the new pages, navigation has been made clearer and accessibility is taken into account in all sections. The website is also faster than before.

Smart Mobility, Data and Smart City are Forum Virium’s programmes around which innovation projects are built. Now, each programme has its own presentation page.

We have also created presentation pages for our key target groups, businessesproject partners and the City of Helsinki. These pages provide information on how each can benefit from Forum Virium’s services and how operators can cooperate with us in the development of urban solutions of the future.

The new website features 1,500 articles imported from the old version. The publication system used is WordPress. New functions have also been automated on the new website. For example, when Forum Virium Helsinki uploads a new video onto its YouTube channel, the video is automatically published on the website as well.

The website overhaul was carried out by the Helsinki-based company Alfons Digital. Traffic has increased on our new website compared to last year. We now have roughly 11,000 visitors per month.

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