IoT Innovation Night Helsinki gave a boost to the local IoT ecosystem

Artikkelikuva: IoT Innovation Night Helsinki gave a boost to the local IoT ecosystem

IoT Innovation Night Helsinki, which took place in mid-November at the Maria 01 startup hub, attracted an active and international audience to share ideas and to learn about funding options.

The programme consisted of a wide range of IoT presentations, including a keynote talk by Vesa Aaltonen from Emergence, who presented the comapany’s award winning Taival-application, and Biotope-project introductions by ParkkiSähkö and Control Things. Forum Virium Helsinki’s Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts gave an insight to Helsinki as an IoT innovation platform.

The event acted as a platform for companies and funders to learn about current IoT services and offerings. Forum Virium Helsinki looks forward to further collaboration opportunities and to see the IoT -ecosystem grow in 2018.

“The projects within the IoT European Platform initiatives have a total of €5.5 million to spend on startups that will contribute in developing, deploying or testing interoperability solutions. This funding is distributed through so-called open calls, and each startup will get in the order of roughly €50,000. Each project has different focus, so each call will be different as different will be the type of input required from the startups. What is common is that financing is accompanied by a great opportunity for networking, product, business and technology development with some of the major IoT players in Europe”, informs IoT Innovation Night partner Marco Forzati from RISE ICT/Acreo.

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