Introducing Smart and Open Helsinki

Artikkelikuva: Introducing Smart and Open Helsinki
On the 28th of January 2015, a prestigious delegation from Taiwan visited Helsinki. The delegation of nine included Mr. Chin-Rong Lin, the Deputy Mayor of Taipei City Government and Wang-Hsiang Hwang, the Deputy Minister of National Development Council. The group wanted to learn more about Helsinki’s smart city projects and plans for the future. 
The delegation started the day by visiting Forum Virium Helsinki, to learn more about Helsinki’s smart city projects. Our experts presented City SDK project, a showcase of successful co-operation between cities in creating interoperable services and interfaces. From the area of smart living, Kalasatama was presented as a new residential area where the city tests out new ways to build smart urban spaces. 
Forum Virium Helsinki’s CEO Jarmo Eskelinen introduced 6Aika – the Six City Strategy, which is a co-operation strategy between the largest cities in Finland. It grows city-to-city co-operation into national scale. 
The delegation also met a number of smart city and government experts from the city of Helsinki and Tekes Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation: Santtu Von Bruun, (City of Helsinki Economical Development Division), Tanja Lahti (City of Helsinki Urban Facts), Micah Gland (Helsinki Business Hub), and Sonja Heikkilä (Tekes).
The Finnish Innovation Ecosystem was presented when the group visited the Ministry of Employment & the Economy. The day culminated to the meeting with the Mayor of Helsinki, Jussi Pajunen. With him, the group discussed Taipei’s nomination as the World Design Capital 2016, among other things.
The delegation:
  •  Mr. Chin-Rong Lin, Deputy Mayor of Taipei City Government
  • Mr. Wang-Hsiang Hwang, Deputy Minister of National Development Council
  • Mr. Kuang-Hsiung Chen, Chairman of Eco Land Corporation
  • Mr. Jyh-Ping Sheu, Architect / CEO of Green Field International Architectural Group
  • Mr. Wei-Jyei Wu, President of Desun Technology
  • Mr Chin-Chih Wu, Chief Technology Officer of Asustek Computer
  • Mr. Tseng-Yao Kao, CEO of Newpon International Development Co., Ltd
  • Miss Li-Hua Lee, Researcher, Department of Academia-Industry Collaboration and Science Park Affairs, Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Miss Ya-Chun Chen, Research Assistant of Eco-city, National Chiao Tung University

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