I4I competition: Forum Virium is looking for innovations to boost outdoor air quality improvement actions

Artikkelikuva: I4I competition: Forum Virium is looking for innovations to boost outdoor air quality improvement actions

The City of Helsinki’s innovation company Forum Virium is looking for new tools to improve air quality in the capital. Do you have a digital solution that can boost air quality improvements? Participate in our I4I contest! The prize is worth over EUR 100,000.

The first innovation competition of the Healthy Outdoor for Everyone (HOPE) project was held in summer 2020. The competition resulted in new ways of improving the comprehensibility of air quality and the usability of the related information. We are now moving to a second competition in which we are looking for solutions to boost the improvements on air quality.

The HOPE project is based on participation and inclusion. In the project, measures taken include the air quality being measured through devices carried by residents, the air quality measurement network in the Helsinki area being improved, and the AQ index indicating air quality being developed further. We will experiment with participatory budgeting and the Oma ilmanlaatu air quality app so that the residents of various areas can report on their actions to improve air quality and vote on actions through which we can further improve the air quality in Helsinki. These actions can also be called ‘interventions.’

Benefits for residents, the city, and air quality improvements

You can participate in the Innovations4Interventions (I4I) competition by offering a digital solution to improve the performance of the interventions. The solution can be an application, a new data storage solution or any other kind of digital solution that can be used to

  • improve the quality of life and/or health of residents by promoting the choice and/or
    recommendation of suitable interventions
  • evaluate the success rate of interventions
  • activate interventions based on observations
  • facilitate the reconfiguration or improvement of interventions
  • combine or automate intervention chains (for improving air quality)
  • create a new way of developing interventions (for improving air quality), also by
    collecting new observations and ideas
  • digitally contribute to a challenge/improvement idea suggested by residents (these
    will be listed separately on the website of the project or Forum Virium Helsinki).
    The expectation is that regional air quality data (FMI, HSY, Vaisala, MegaSense, etc.) could
    be used effectively. See the examples of data sources: FMI-ENFUSER, Megasense and
    HOPE data.

The competition entries must benefit residents, the City and its operations, and air quality improvements.

Air quality improvements include

  • personal actions and encouraging them (emission-free mobility, etc.)
  • cleaning of streets and facilitating the use of purified grit
  • wood burning: burning skills/instructions and correct cleaning of fireplaces
  • facilitating last-kilometre deliveries, such as carrier bike experiments
  • supporting the use of friction tyres
  • speed and traffic displays and applications.

The interventions for each area are selected via the voting section on the ‘Oma ilmanlaatu’ app.

Please note that we are not looking for tenders for these interventions/services, but rather digital solutions that support, facilitate or contribute to the performance and/or analytics of the interventions mentioned above.

Rules and assessment

You can find specific rules and assessment criteria of the competition here.

The HILMA procurement notice can be found here.


Tenders must be submitted by 30 December 2020, 23:59 Finnish time.

The tenders will be assessed at the turn of December 2020–January 2021, and the experiments will start in January 2021. The tenders must be valid until 31 March 2021.

Materials of the previous innovation competition can be found here. (Please note that the participation link has expired! Active participation link at the end of this page.)

Please direct any questions regarding the competition to Project Manager Pekka Niskasaari, pekka.niskasaari@forumvirium.fi. Q&A will be published on this page when needed.


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Pekka Niskasaari

Mobile: +358 40 585 9110

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