Four new Finnish companies to CreatiFI

Artikkelikuva: Four new Finnish companies to CreatiFI

CreatiFI’s last call, The Creative Ring Challenge took place simultaneously in Barcelona, Ghent, Eindhoven, Brussels, Helsinki and Trentino. Each of the hubs identified a theme in which they were looking for solution to implement in their city environment. These challenges wanted to reward innovative entrepreneurs  that are ready to offer smart services and solution in addition to FIWARE technology.
The outcome of the challenges was totally 19 new project to CreatiFI’s portfolio.

Helsinki hub selected following four new companies in this challenge.
Eventmore – We offer people an easy way to find exciting things to do around the world.  – Brandsome online service collects statistical data from the different social media channels of a of a brand and compiles it into clear and easily understandable data and statistics.
Smart Data Hub  – Our Data Store offers instant access to huge selection of high-quality, standardized open and public data sets as well as AI-enriched aggregates of those.
Top Data Science Ltd.  – Similar Image search and tagging engine targeted for cultural organizations. It is a time and money saving image search tool for cultural organizations with large image sets.

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The challenge was organized in cooperation with Open Knowledge Finland as a part of Hack Your Heritage -hackathon.

Every hub selected a topic for the challenge after local interests and worked with local partner.
Barcelona:  Connected and Participatory Arts. The target of this challenge was to create innovative multi-site street art performances that will enhance the experience of citizens participating in city festivals using FIWARE and ICT technologies in order to keep the festivity closer to citizens and the city reality.
Benelux (Ghent, Brussel, Eindhoven): Smart Society Apps. Amaze us by showcasing your application, which can be implemented in musea, at festivals, sport events or even bell towers. Any kind of creative urban innovation is welcome.
Helsinki: Hack4FI – Hack your Heritage –hackathon. The target of this challenge was to find new  solutions and services which are using any kind of open data related to culture, museums, archives, or other cultural heritage.
Italy: MUSEUM-FI, Creative Business for Museums.  Museums and cultural institutions are hungry for creative, ICT and mobile solution. Innovative entrepreneurs are ready to offer smart services and solution.

CreatiFI is an acceleration initiative inside the FIWARE EU program which offers through competitive open calls, opportunities (e.g., funding, support services, cloud infrastructure and middleware) to SME’s, web entrepreneurs and individuals working in the Creative Industry sector to shift innovative ideas into new applications and services.

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