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Mini-Piloting is one of the piloting programmes within the EU-funded FinEst Twins project. The programme aims to improve the urban ecosystem by catalysing innovation from current research to create successful start-up companies.

Mini-Piloting is looking for research-based ideas and concepts that can be developed into profitable businesses or otherwise contribute to urban development. Proposals can be related to the following topics:

  • Smart Mobility
  • Smart Energy
  • Built Environment
  • Smart City Governance
  • Urban Analytics & Data
  • Health & Well-being
  • Education

The call for tenders opens the 18th of June 2021 and closes the 18th of August, 2021. During the autumn 2021 and spring 2022, the selected proposals will be developed into functional prototypes and piloted in cooperation with cities. A detailed schedule for the Mini-Piloting Programme is presented in the graphic below.


Who we are looking for? 

  • Researchers, postgraduate students, any applicants who have a research-based project idea
  • Applicants interested in urban challenges and who have research-based ideas to tackle them

Mini-Piloting is prepared to help researchers, or any applicants with research-based ideas, to partner up with startup companies to create new innovations through a joint venture.

FinEst Twins Mini-Piloting: Info Event

The info event was held Fri 11th June 2021. The recording of the event can be watched below.

What are the benefits of participating?

By being selected in the Mini-Piloting, you can obtain the following benefits:

  • Up to 15 000€ for building a prototype and piloting activities
  • Possibilities to pilot in real urban environments
  • Scaling-up support: Potential customers and funding networks

Invitation to tender and submission of a tender

Open the Tender Participation page with the button below. Please read the instructions carefully before submitting the form.

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Register for further information

Register your interest for the Mini-Piloting by filling in the form below. You will receive further  information on Mini-Piloting by email.

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Questions & Answers

[vc_tabs][vc_tab icon=”fa fa-question” gutter_size=”2″ column_padding=”2″ title=”Q&A” tab_id=”1619698794249-0-6″]If you have a question, please click on Send question above and use the form. The answers will be publicly posted below.

Q: Regarding the 15 000 euros, are there any rules on how the money can be spent?
A: The expenditure of the budget should be aligned to the piloting plan. This means that the budget will be used to execute the pilot.

Q: Is it possible to pilot in more than one city?
A: This is possible in principle, but only after reviewing the proposal will we be able to confirm the city/cities where the pilot takes place.

Q: How many proposals are selected for the Mini-Piloting?
A: Up to 6 proposals will be chosen.

Q: Is there a link between Mini-Piloting and other FinEst piloting programmes (Medium and Large)?
A: Each of the FinEst piloting programmes have different application processes and timelines; they are independent from each other.

Q: Do we need to have an established startup to get the funding?
A: No, but if the proposal is selected, the team members will have to establish a startup during the process. Another possibility is for the team or person to find a partnership with an established startup and use the partnership to execute the pilot.

Q: What does “research-based” mean?
A: The proposal must have originated from academic research or research made in a research institution.

Q: Can applications come from non-research based organisations which have come up with a solution based on research?
A: Yes. But in your application please indicate clearly what is the scientific research that your proposal is based on and concretely describe how the research is applied in your proposal.

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