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Artikkelikuva: Smart Countries & Cities Congress
Smart Countries & Cities Congress Paris (S3C) is the grand event and get together of key decision makers of cities, regions and countries, as well as industry experts and leading institutions for building a vision of the future of countries and cities. On the day one of the conference, the head of Smart Kalasatama Veera Mustonen will be introducing Helsinki’s Smart City development and talk about how we create Kalasatama district innovation platform and living lab, in an intense collaboration with citizens and companies.  
Smart Countries & Cities Congress Paris (S3C) gathers together key decision makers of cities, regions and countries, as well as industry experts and leading institutions. 65 nations have now confirmed their participation in S3C Paris. It is a chance to discover the latest breakthroughs in the innovative and intelligent technologies for cities and countries, and to share the new means for the cities to connect with the citizens.
The 3-day conference dives into following key topics:
Day 1: Smart Gov, Open Gov, Augmented Territories – The Ministers’ day
Day 2: Technology for Transportation, Energy: COP21 & The Sustainable City
Day 3: Internet of Things, Big Data, Smart Services

On the 1 of the conference (1st of September at 9:30am), the head of Smart Kalasatama Veera Mustonen from Forum Virium Helsinki, will be presenting Smart Kalasatama, a brownfield Smart City district development programme in Helsinki exploring new ways to engage companies and citizens to co-create new urban services. The area is developed through agile piloting, and the use of ICT technology and data. The presentation discusses learnings and future views of methods of co-creating smart city solutions.
The conference will be held Under the patronage of France’s Foreign Affairs Minister Laurent Fabius and Secretary of State for Digital Madam Axelle Lemaire.
Twitter: @S3CParis, #S3C
The new Kalasatama area of Helsinki is an experimental innovation platform to co-create smart urban infrastructure and services. This centrally located old harbour area is developed flexibly and through piloting, in close co-operation with residents, companies, city officials and other stakeholders. The vision of Smart Kalasatama is to become so resource-wise that residents will gain an extra hour of own time every day. The project is coordinated by Forum Virium Helsinki, and funded by the European Regional Development Fund, the City of Helsinki and the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.

Time: 09/01/2015 – 09:00 – 09/03/2015 – 17:00 – 09/01/2015 – 09:00 – 09/03/2015 – 17:00
Venue: Palais Des Congrés, Paris, France


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