Future of autonomous transport in Baltic Sea Region Conference | 27th Aug in Tallinn – online streaming 12 to 18 (EET)

Artikkelikuva: Future of autonomous transport in Baltic Sea Region Conference | 27th Aug in Tallinn – online streaming 12 to 18 (EET)

The Future of Autonomous Transport conference looks into what are the obstacles and drivers for society to move towards autonomous public mobility. The industry, policymakers and cities are invited to join this Sohjoa Baltic’s (Interreg BSR) finalizing event. Welcome!

Agenda (subject to last minute changes)

12-13 | Key notes and opening words
Jacob Bangsgaard, CEO ERTICO ITS-Europe; Andrei Novikov, City of
Tallinn deputy Mayor and Henrik Hololei, Director-General for Mobility and Transport.

14-15.30 | 1st session: Autonomous transport in the Baltic Sea Region
• 14.00 – Autonomous transport in the BSR: Clément Delbouys, Easymile & Damien Guerrero, Navya
• 14.15 – Legal framework in BSR: Matthias Hartwig, IKEM
• 14.30 – Using artificial intelligence to automate transportation operations: Justin Hunt and Conrad
Richardson, Blaise Transit
• 14.45 – User Experience of pilots in Sohjoa Baltic, Sami Mäkinen, FLOU
• 15.00 – First Estonian Self-Driving Vehicle Iseauto: Raivo Sell, TalTech
• 15.15 – Autonomous fleets as part of the public transportation: FABULOS project

16-16.50 | 2nd session: Future transport
• 16:00 – Opening words: Olav Madland, Applied Autonomy, Norway
• 16:05 – Building the sustainable future of urban transport: Sandra Särav, Bolt
• 16:25 – Shaping urban mobility Together: Chong Lee, Volkswagen Group Urban Solutions

16:50-17:50 | Panel discussions
How to upscale the industry and what is the role of ecosystems?
• Damien Guerrero, Navya
• Kristjan Maruste, Tuul/COMODULE
• Sandra Särav, Bolt
• Gaspar Anton, ITS Estonia, EyeVi Technologies

How can we make robot buses helpful for public transport?
• Marten Kaevats, Government Office of Estonia
• Raivo Sell, Iseauto the Estonian robot bus
• Anssi Krooks, Proxion
• Pirko Konsa, ITS Estonia, Modern Mobility

More information
• Check the updated agenda on https://tallinnconference.wpcomstaging.com/blog/conference-27th/
• The link to online streaming on http://iframe.dacast.com/b/108232/c/561269
• Follow the event on Twitter @TallinnAV2020
• Sohjoa Baltic project webpage https://www.sohjoabaltic.eu/

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