Democracy Hackathon Helsinki

Artikkelikuva: Democracy Hackathon Helsinki

Date: 4.-7.3.2016
Time: 12:00
Venue: Helsinki, Finland


As part of the International Open Data Day, a large Democracy Hackathon will be organised in Helsinki between 4-7 March 2016. The event joins together developers of new democracy enhancing tools and technologies. The weekend will start with a kick-off event on Friday 4th of March, following with hacking on Saturday and Sunday, and a wrap-up meeting on Monday 7th of March.

Democracy Hackathon Helsinki explores opportunities to utilize open data to develop new, democracy enhancing tools. Helsinki Metropolitan area is one of the global pioneers in opening up public sector data and making municipal decision-making more transparent. This is due to initiatives like Helsinki Region Infoshare ( and award-winning open interface Open Ahjo, giving access to all municipal decisions made by the Helsinki city council. Currently, open data movement is growing stronger in the whole country.
On Friday 4th of March we will kick-off of the Democracy Hackathon Helsinki at the premises of the Finnish Parliament. The event will dive into open data and open democracy, with presentation from MP’s Sinuhe Wallinheimo and Jyrki Kasvi, journalist Esa Mäkinen, and D-CENT partner Joonas Pekkanen, among others (registrate here).
During the weekend, we will work together to advance projects around open data and open democracy. The Friday’s kick-off is a chance for participants to present their projects to others, and get people to help develop their ideas further. By the end of the Hackathon, on Monday, we hope to see functional demos or applications that utilize open data, open standards and open interfaces to enhance democracy.
All Democracy Hackathon projects will be submitted here:
The Democracy Hackathon Helsinki is organised by the D-CENT project (Open Ministry and Forum Virium Helsinki), Finnish Parliament/Library of Parliament, Open Knowledge Finland, city of Helsinki/Executive office, Helsinki city library and
The EU-funded D-CENT project develops next generation tools for online democracy and participation. The service piloted in Finland enables participating citizens to follow the decision making process of the City of Helsinki. It gives a heads up when the city council or committee handles issues that they are interested in, for example; planned changes in their neighbourhood street or favourite dog park.


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