DataBusiness: Grill – Cleantech and the circular economy

Artikkelikuva: DataBusiness: Grill – Cleantech and the circular economy


Participate in a data driven barbeque!

Place: Helsingin Tukkutori – Työpajankatu 2, 00580 Helsinki

Date: 13.6.2016

Time: 17.00-21.00

Interested in Cleantech? Or maybe your heart beats for circular economy? Perhaps you participated in the hackathon and wish to see your work evolve? Join us and learn about open data and circular economy, meet new people and eat good food! Register for the event now!

After the Tukkutori Hackathon between the10th and 11th of June calls businesses to participate in an open discussion about how to proceed. The brilliant minds at the TukkutoriHack create models for a scalable circular economy platform. We would like to help those teams and their models go further and beyond the hackathon!

DataBusiness: Grill – TukkutoriHack and beyond

The event is mainly about finding possible avenues to build business around circular economy and obviously to help aid any such endeavours with open data. This means we are all about people making new and useful connections. What better way is there to connect than to share food? Register now and see for yourself!

Programme subject to change

17:00 Welcoming words by the organizers
17:05 Participant meet Grill, Grill meet Participant
17:15 How do businesses build open data into their strategy
17:30 Discussion: The role of data in a material world
18:00 TukkutoriHack winning pitches
18:15 Business comments to pitches
18:30 Discussion: Beyond the hackathon
19:00 Grill is (still) open!
21:00 “Official” event draws to an end

Event organized together with:
The City of Helsinki – Tukkutori
The Natural Step

Read more about circular economy (in english):

Read more about circular economy (in finnish):

Helsingin Tukkutori – Työpajankatu 2, 00580 Helsingfors

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