Business from Robobuses?

Artikkelikuva: Business from Robobuses?


SOHJOA Kickoff Day 16.8.2016

Place: Hernesaaren laituri & Hernesaaren Huvila, Helsinki
Date: 16.8.2016
Time: 11:00 – 16:00

Business from Robobuses? A big question to solve with tiny practical steps. Please enroll for August 16th Kickoff Day in Hernesaari or later events in Espoo and Tampere.

Register for the kickoff and different events of the day:

Finland launching robot buses to three locations

This summer, self-driving last-mile buses will be launched on the streets in Finland, in an effort to solve the urban mobility challenges. These cost effective, energy efficient, small electric buses can transport up to nine persons. Two buses will arrive this July to Helsinki Hernesaari area. After that they will go to Espoo for August-September and finally to Tampere, ending operation before winter. In the spring 2017 the piloting will continue, with a revision of mobility requirements from the previous piloting stage.

The current strategy of the Finnish Ministry of Transportation and Communication’s allows testing of autonomous vehicles in the actual urban environments. This strategy gives Finland unique piloting possibilities, as legislation allows this type of piloting only in a few countries.

SOHJOA aims to set Finland in the fast lane ofthe development of automated road transport systems. Enabling the transition towards road traffic automation is accompanied with the development of new export businesses. To this end, in addition to piloting, the project will create an open innovation platform that companies can utilize to develop new product and service ideas. The potential new operational models, products and services will either support all-round operability of automated systems or take advantage of it.

In order to increase the awareness of the transformation in mobility, we encourage companies, municipalities and users to get in contact and actively participate in our project. Forum Virium Helsinki is one of the partners in the SOHJOA project.


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