AI4Cities local webinar 15.6.

Artikkelikuva: AI4Cities local webinar 15.6.

Time: Monday 15th June 2020 (Link to the webinar:
Place: Webinar

Welcome to participate in AI4Cities webinar, that introduces the project’s goals and content. The project’s aim is to find digital solutions, utilising AI and open data, to help cities reduce their CO2 emissions through innovative pre-commercial procurement (PCP) process. The solutions should be related to either energy or mobility, which at the moment cause 95% of cities CO2 emissions.

AI4Cities provides companies with financial support in R&D and enables them to pilot their solution in the participating cities (Helsinki, Tallinn, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Paris and Stavanger). The companies selected to AI4Cities can get, at maximum, a funding of around 360.000€. The project is open for companies, research institutes and consortiums.

AI4Cities is coordinated by Forum Virium Helsinki.

Webinar program:

14:00 Introduction to the AI4Cities project and to PCP (Pre-Commercial Procurement) process
14:30 Open AI for agile cities
14:45 Mobility and Energy tracks and challenges in Helsinki
15:10 Questions and feedback
15:30 The Webinar ends



Photo Jussi Hellsten, City of Helsinki




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