The CroBoDDIT project will build cooperation between Helsinki and Saint Petersburg with a demo centre model – companies have an opportunity to showcase their expertise in the field of disruptive technologies.


The purpose of the project ‘Cross-Border Dimensions of Disruptive Information Technologies’ (CroBoDDIT) is to promote the development of significant and disruptive ICT technologies in urban infrastructures, utilising the expertise of local companies.
The keyword is ‘disruptive,’ i.e. approaching the problem with a new and exceptional manner, particularly by means of information and communications technology. The core areas of technology include IoT, Big Data, RPA and blockchain technologies.

The project will be implemented in Helsinki, Saint Petersburg and Lappeenranta in accordance with the partners’ individual tasks.
The project will benefit companies, residents and the different service units of the City.
The cross-border feature is the exchange of companies’ expertise and best practices between cities.

The aim is to network the regional special skills of the participating companies and the development work of the cities between the target countries to achieve solutions that better serve the residents. A tool around these functions is the demo centre activity, showcasing the partners’ expertise and organising workshops and hackathons for companies and city officials. The demo centres will be located in Helsinki and Saint Petersburg.

Information transfer through education has also been made possible by integrating educational sections to the curricula of LUT University and ITMO University in Saint Petersburg. In addition to these, hackathon events related to the project will also be organised alongside studies.

Practical trials will also be conducted during the project regarding air quality IoT technology and equipment and blockchain trials related to waste management. In addition to the aforementioned, workshops will be organised to find new applications and demonstration models for companies and experts.

For the participating companies, the project and its activities will offer excellent opportunities to showcase their expertise and products, develop consumer and authority solutions and even establish themselves in the local markets of the cooperating areas.

Duration, partners and funding

The project includes cross-border cooperation between Russia and Finland. The project also aligns with the Russian long-term socio-economic development programme set to run until 2020.

The role of Forum Virium Helsinki

Forum Virium will organise workshops and seminars through the demo centre activity for residents, companies and city officials. During the survey phase, questionnaire surveys will also be conducted to identify possible applications for different technologies. Exhibitions to showcase technology and expertise will be organised for information exchange. Regarding the hackathon events, visits will also be made to the centres and exhibition spaces of our partners to spread our own expertise and solutions.
The central event spaces for the hackathons are Vekotinverstas, the Gadget Workshop, at the Cable Factory,
and the premises of SPb IAC in Saint Petersburg.

Project benefits for Helsinki

The project will strengthen the objectives of service development set in the city strategy and digital strategy. Helsinki wants to be the most progressive public sector ecosystem in the world and develop coordinated, effective and human-centred services together with the city residents and companies (‘Helsinki – The Most Functional SmartCity’).
In practice, through information exchange and expertise sharing, the City has an excellent opportunity to gain potential new experts and companies to its area, receive the best information about such matters as the application of blockchain technology and share its own SmartCity expertise and participatory development skills with the local area. The activation of expertise and dissemination of information to the local area arising from the air quality projects will also enable sustainable climate development in the future.

Photo: Jussi Hellsten / Helsinki marketing

Further information

Pekka Niskasaari

Project Manager

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Aki Salminen

Project Manager

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Mobile: +358 44 024 2895

Suvi Vähä-Sipilä

Project Planner

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