Helsinki’s Smart City know-how is well represented at Barcelona Smart City Expo event on 13-15 November.

Know-how in smart city development has brought Helsinki numerous international projects and important co-operation with other smart cities. Forum Virium Helsinki, the innovation unit of the City of Helsinki aims to make Helsinki to most functional smart city in the world and is involved in many smart city projects with other European cities. This co-operation is well represented at Smart City Expo in Barcelona. To see what Helsinki is working on with other cities, here’s some top picks to go and see.

  1. SELECT for Cities in which Helsinki together with Antwerp and Copenhagen are looking for an IoE platform on which European cities can develop, test and validate smart city applications and services in collaboration with residents, public organisations and companies. Stand B274 / Open & Agile Smart Cities and Select4Cities
  2. Synchronicity opens up a global IoT market where cities and businesses develop shared digital services to improve the lives of citizens and grow local economies. Stand B274 / Open & Agile Smart Cities and Select4Cities
  3. The bIoTope project lays the foundation for creating open innovation ecosystems by providing a platform that enables companies to easily create new IoT systems. BioTope project (street A Stand 211)
  4. In the MySMARTLife project, Helsinki aims to reduce its emissions through smart solutions on the field of energy efficiency, mobility and the related IoT/ICT solutions. Nordic Pavillion E510, also daily on the European Commission Stand
  5. Helsinki’s co-operation in the Nordic Smart City Network with other Nordics is represented the city’s innovation unit, Forum Virium Helsinki, which can be found at the Nordic Pavillion E510

Forum Virium Helsinki is the innovation unit of the City of Helsinki, which aims to build Helsinki into the most functional smart city in the world in collaboration with companies, the scientific community and residents.

Photo: Veeti Haapsamo / Helsingin kaupunki

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