The call for pilot projects ended in mid-January and the companies have been selected. Three solutions from Tutkimus- ja Analysointikeskus TAK Oy, Salmi Platform Oy and Positive Impact Finland Oy were selected for the projects.

The 6Aika Carbon Neutral Tourism launches new pilots in which digital solutions for developing sustainable tourism are developed through three solutions. The projects are about measuring the carbon footprint of tourism with innovative solutions where data collection is utilised with a multidisciplinary approach in co-operation between the Cities of Helsinki, Tampere (Visit Tampere) and Turku.

TAK Oy experiment, Tutkimus- ja Analysointikeskus TAK

In the TAK Oy experiment, a model for constant measurement of the mobility of tourists by combining different data sources will be developed. Measuring the mobility of tourists is a key area of development in terms of low-carbon tourism, as the majority of the carbon footprint of tourism comes from mobility. The experiment will be piloted in Helsinki.

Key data sources: TAK Oy extensive combination of tourism-related materials and estimation of final figures and Elisa Oyj mobility data and the related estimations.

Visualisation of a tourist’s carbon footprint Case Tampere, Salmi Platform Oy and Telia Finland Oyj

The Case Tampere experiment will be carried out in co-operation between Salmi Platform Oy and Telia Finland Oyj. In the experiment, a tourist’s direct CO2 load is visualised and proportioned with regard to the revenue impact of tourism. The experiment supports the Tampere Region’s goal of becoming carbon-neutral in 2030. The experiment will be piloted in Tampere.

Key data sources: Salmi Platform Oy materials on tourism chains and revenue and Telia Crowd Insights materials.

Carbon Key, Positive Impact Finland Oy

The Carbon Key experiment scrutinises the root causes of emissions in tourism through the carbon footprint calculations and service designs of companies. Through algorithms and, later on, artificial intelligence, the findings will translate into instructions that all operators in the tourism industry can use as tools for developing carbon-neutrality and sustainable tourism.

Key data sources: Carbon Neutral Tourism project data sources, open carbon neutral and emission factor sources, data sources of the Välkky project, the company’s own source material.

Further information

Eero Jalo

Project Manager

Mobile: +358 40 501 3223

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