41 suppliers selected to design artificial intelligence solutions to help cities reach carbon neutrality

Artikkelikuva: 41 suppliers selected to design artificial intelligence solutions to help cities reach carbon neutrality

These solutions aim to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the six cities and regions involved in the project: Amsterdam (Netherlands), Copenhagen (Denmark), Helsinki (Finland), Île–de–France – Paris Region (France), Stavanger (Norway) and Tallinn (Estonia).

Using AI to analyse travel patterns to devise more efficient routes and timetables, contributing to a much lower environmental footprint. Optimising the use of electric vehicle charging locations by giving AI based recommendations. An AI tool to dramatically reduce the time to assess, plan and promote investments for energy flexibility and efficiency in buildings. Maximising the local renewable electricity utilization through demand side management, using buildings as distributed thermal energy storage. These are just four of the 41 proposed solutions that AI4CITIES BUYERS GROUP has selected to continue to the Solution Design Phase of the PCP PROJECT. In this phase of the project, the 41 selected suppliers will receive funding – each contractor will receive a maximum of 40,000 euros – to further develop their AI-based solutions, in accordance with the input provided by The Buyers Group. They have three months to do so, following which the Buyers Group will evaluate which of these suppliers will continue to Phase 2, the prototyping phase of the PCP.

Kaisa Sibelius, coordinator of the AI4Cities project at Forum Virium, notes that “the selected solutions address the varied challenges of the participating cities and highlight the potential of AI to contribute to more sustainable cities in many different ways. Both in the Mobility Lot and in the Energy Lot suppliers could choose from three sub-challenges to focus on. These were Mobility-as-a-Service, Traffic Flow Optimisation, and Optimisation of Logistics in the former, and Flexible Energy Consumption, Energy Efficiency and Development of Renewable Energies in the latter. In addition, suppliers had the opportunity to submit a ‘wildcard’ solution for either lot that had not yet been defined. In all categories we have received creative solutions we can all learn much from.”

In the Mobility Lot the solutions vary from an optimization tool to address eco-efficient last mile delivery, to real-time air quality measurements, and a cycling management tool to make cycling safer and more attractive. “We hope that the solutions under development will address and eventually solve several problem areas such as underutilized data sources, poor real-time traffic analysis, lack of truly multimodal mobility platforms and as a result reduce CO2 levels in city hotspots“, explained Mart Brauer project manager for the City of Tallinn. In the Energy Lot, The Buyers Group has selected solutions varying from an AI collaboration platform empowering the construction industry to remove barriers for circular activities, to a smart battery system designed for residential, public and commercial buildings to store electricity using upcycled electric batteries, and a smart demand forecasting tool for electricity utilities/aggregators.

The selected suppliers do not just come from the nations represented by the project cities, but also from Belgium, Croatia, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. Please find below a full list of the companies selected in both lots


  • Urban Radar SAS (France)
  • AVENUE (consortium of Nommon + Populus) (Spain)
  • Kradient Intelligence Oy (MarshallAI) / Ix3 (Finland)
  • CARTO (Spain)
  • fronyx GmbH (Germany)
  • Mobility Policy AutoTune (Vianova-Rebel) (France)
  • Consortium – Hop Ubiquitous S.L. (HOPU) and Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A (Spain)
  • Insight Signals (France)
  • Graphmasters SA – ITK Engineering GmbH (Germany)
  • Inovaworks & Consortium: CIDM – Eco Delivery (Portugal)
  • FranchetAI – consting of Ubiwhere (Portugal), Aavista (Finland) and 8BELLS (Cyprus)
  • Rebel Ports & Logistics BE BV (Belgium)
  • Starlab Barcelona SL (Spain)
  • Simtelligence, consortium of StraTopo, Amsterdam Data Collective and Logistics Community Brabant (Netherlands)
  • FourC/NTNU – OPTIBILITY (Norway)
  • Kentyou (France)
  • C02TRAFFICAI (Switzerland)
  • Zenika (France)
  • [AI]Roads Consortium (France)
  • INSTANT System / AI4Intermod (France)
  • Super-xD-Twin / SuperGraph (Netherlands)


  • IBM Danmark ApS (Denmark)
  • AMPER S&C IoT S.L. (Spain)
  • Heroes B.V. (Netherlands)
  • C.in-City (France)
  • Rebase Energy / LEM4Cities / Grid Singularity (Sweden)
  • VITO (Belgium)
  • Fusebox (Estonia)
  • Building Energy Efficiency, BEE (Finland)
  • The Predictive Company (Spain)
  • HOLONI (Norway)
  • Loopfront (Norway)
  • Symvio S.a.r.l (Luxembourg)
  • RHEA System S.p.A. (Italy)
  • Arcventure (Finland)
  • Syntio/Polevoy consortium (Croatia)
  • INETUM (France)
  • AlphaZetta and RINO (Denmark)
  • Sympower B.V / AEB Amsterdam (Netherlands)

More information about these suppliers and their solutions will be published soon on the AI4CITIES WEBSITE. For any questions, please email INFO(at)AI4CITIES.EU


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