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Stara eRetrofit looks into the electrification possibility of heavy-duty vehicles

Artikkelikuva: Project introduction

Stara eRetrofit project explores the electrification potential of Stara’s vehicle fleet. Not only the project will lay the groundwork for new business cases but also results in valuable data collection.

Stara eRetrofit project explores the practicalities of electrifying Helsinki City Construction Services Stara’s vehicle fleet and its consequences on operational level. The project considers converting Stara’s 7-year-old truck into an electric vehicle in order to find out total lifecycle costs of electrifying. Learnings will speed up transition into electric vehicles. Additionally, the project will contribute to establishment of IoT and data solutions expertise.


The project will evaluate the impacts of electrification on the total lifecycle costs and Stara’s routine operations. Literally, eRetrofit enables knowledge and experience attainment in electrifying current vehicle fleet instead of procuring new electric ones, the environmental benefits of which are twofold.

In this project, power consumption of the truck is analysed for a typical operational time-slot to discover required battery capacity in the first place. The aim is that the electrified truck can perform seamlessly without excessive interruptions due to charging and therefore, drivers’ downtimes stay at the minimum viable level.

The calculation results serve as the basis to create the technical plan for electrification, covering both the electrical and mechanical implementation thereof. The idea will be tested using Stara’s truck which has already been in use for seven years. After conversion, the performance of electric truck will be monitored via telemetry and IoT technology. Acquired test data will then be analysed to support integration and management of converted vehicles. Afterwards, learnings from project will be published and shared.

Duration, partners and funding

The project lasts from autumn 2019 till the end of 2022. It is run by Helsinki City Construction Services Stara and Forum Virium Helsinki in cooperation with Tampere University of Applied Sciences and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. Total budget is EUR 413,000 and City of Helsinki Innovation Fund is the funding instrument.

The role of Forum Virium Helsinki

As the coordinator of the project, Forum Virium Helsinki supports the activities of steering group, takes care of financial monitoring and reporting, and coordinates communications. As a technical expert, Forum Virium is also responsible for handling data- and open source-driven provisions of the project. Forum Virium also delivers technical reports and helps with technical subcontracting if necessary.

Benefit to Helsinki

The project accelerates the conversion of existing vehicles into electric vehicles, which in turn facilitates the transition towards low-carbon transports in accordance with the objectives of the Carbon Neutral Helsinki 2035 Action Plan. To reach its climate goals, City of Helsinki has taken an active role in efforts which reduce the emissions.

By focusing on electrification of a single vehicle, the financial feasibility of retrofitting process and accordingly upcoming challenges, needs, and drawbacks will be determined. The assessment of associated risks will also help with future investments to be more effectively justified and predicted. The project will open up new business opportunities by contributing to the creation of an ecosystem in promoting the electrification of heavy vehicles.

Further information

Shabnam Farahmand
Project manager, Forum Virium Helsinki
puh. +358 40 583 0110

Juuso Tuominen
Project manager, Stara
puh. 09 310 70029

Sami Aherva
Director of logistics, Stara
puh. 09 31078571

Photo: Ruska Tapiovaara / Forum Virium Helsinki