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SMASH – Sustainable Mobility Analysis as Service Hub

Artikkelikuva: Project introduction

Sustainable Mobility Analysis as Service Hub (SMASH) is a two-year project launched in January 2018 and funded by EIT Climate-KIC, focusing on data collection and management related to sustainable mobility.

The project is coordinated by the Italian Dedagroup and includes partners from the United Kingdom and Finland.

In accordance with the principles of KIC funding, the project aims to make its results available on the market upon its conclusion. In addition to product development, the aim is to develop the capability of cities and public sector actors to produce data and find ideal analysis models for supporting the mobility planning of cities.

Forum Virium is participating in the project in an expert capacity. The project’s development work will make use of traffic data from the Helsinki region, in addition to which the tools developed in the project will be piloted in Helsinki as one of approximately ten pilot cities.

SMASH supports Helsinki’s aim of building real-time situational awareness of mobility. Forming an adequate impression of the mobility situation, including traffic volumes, speeds, travel times and relevant data on conditions, is a major challenges for cities, in terms of both data collection and the analysis and management of data. Maintaining good situational awareness also enables forecasting, which in turn helps prevent congestion and dangerous situations and reduce the emissions load resulting from traffic.

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