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Bright Ageing – Smart lighting that supports wellbeing

Artikkelikuva: Project introduction

The Bright Ageing project involves testing a smart lighting system that is tailored to the user’s personal needs and wishes.

In practice, smart lighting means individually adjusted lighting levels and night-time lighting based on motion detection, among other things. The aim is to reduce accidents resulting from poor lighting, improve quality of sleep and raise quality of life in general.

The project is a follow-up to a smart lighting trial conducted in 2017, in which smart lighting systems were installed for 20 home care clients in Helsinki. Scheduled to be conducted in 2018, the follow-up project expands the target group and scope of the trials.

Testing in a real environment

The Bright Ageing project involves testing an IoT lighting system with the tenants of Setlementtiasunnot, with a total of 40 homes to be outfitted with optimal lighting solutions in collaboration with tenants. The sensors integrated into the lighting systems will also collect data, the analysis of which will help develop the PhilipsHue smart lighting solution to better meet the needs of users.

In addition to Helsinki, the projects also includes trials with smart lighting systems in Germany and the Netherlands. In Germany, the Technical University of Berlin is testing smart lighting that responds to the user’s energy level based on an activity tracker, while in the Netherlands, insurance company Achmea Zilveren Kruis is testing the integration of a smart lighting system into its range of insurance services.

The Finnish subproject will be conducted in collaboration with Forum Virium Helsinki, Setlementtiasunnot Oy and Signify B.V. (formerly Philips Lighting). The project will last one year and has a total budget of EUR 764,000. The project is funded by EIT Digital and the City of Helsinki Innovation Fund.