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Last Mile Autonomous Delivery (LMAD) pilots autonomous delivery robot

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The LMAD project is piloting an autonomous delivery robot in Helsinki and Paris.

The LMAD project includes building a robot, a fleet management system that enables autonomous mobility and an order system that allows the robot to communicate with customers. In addition to the technical implementation, a service concept is created by means of co-creation and service design and tested in a genuine urban environment with genuine customers.


The goal is to learn about the potential of delivery robots in open environments.

Duration, partners and funding

  • The project is carried out in 2019–2022.
  • It is funded by EIT Digital.
  • The project partners are EIT Digital France and EIT Digital Finland, Futurice, Gim Robotics, BookIt, Picom, Bestmile and Forum Virium Helsinki.

The role of Forum Virium Helsinki

Forum Virium Helsinki supports the implementation of the pilots in Helsinki. Its role is to find suitable pilot sites and partners and also to give the consortium insight on the autonomous vehicle legislation in Finland.

Benefit to Helsinki

In Helsinki, advanced work is being done on robot buses. In addition to robot buses, the streets of the future may also see delivery robots. With autonomous solutions, it is possible to offer customised and flexible services alongside traditional service models. In the future, autonomous couriers may enable new services in large hospital areas or care facilities, for example. On the other hand, a delivery robot that replaces a car can help reduce traffic and congestion in dense urban areas.