The bIoTope project enables development of new solutions across multiple platforms and open innovation ecosystems. This fosters development of the new products and services by the companies as well as public and private institutions.

The Internet of Things (IoT) brings opportunities to create new services and products, reducing costs for societies and changing how services are sold and consumed. Currently IoT world is shaped by the vertical silos model, which is a result of lack of standardization and interoperability between closed systems.

Agile development at the center

The bIoTope platform enables IoT product and service providers to quickly develop and deploy IoT solutions utilising diverse information sources, which are easily integrated for composing more advanced and higher value solutions. The project uses an open call process to involve IoT companies that want to be the first to exploit these time-to-market and development cost advantages.

bIoTope project develops a standards- based SoS (System of Systems) platform around Open API standards. Large-scale city pilots will be deployed in Brussels, Lyon, Helsinki and Saint Petersburg.

Helsinki pilot case

Forum Virium Helsinki, together with other bIoTope partners, aims to support municipalities and the state to improve charging infrastructure by increasing the amount of available charging poles and improving the quality of charging services. It will be achieved by providing interoperability between charging service suppliers, and thus improving the overall quality of charging services.

Finland intents to raise the number of electric cars on its roads to 250 000 by the year 2030. Achieving this goal will be challenging without significant improvement of the charging infrastructure. Such improvements could include, for example, modification of the current block heater outlets to be used as a slow charging service for electric cars.

bIoTope project is carried out in 2016–2018 and it is funded through European Commission’s Horizon 2020 framework programme. The project has 22 partners from more than 10 countries and it is coordinated by Aalto University. The budget is just over nine million Euros.

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