AI4Cities launches its Request for Tenders to find AI solutions accelerating carbon neutrality

AI4Cities, an EU-funded Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP), has launched its Request for Tenders (RfT). Tenderers are invited to submit innovative AI solutions in the fields of energy and mobility. These solutions should contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the six cities and regions involved in the project: Amsterdam (Netherlands), Copenhagen (Denmark), Helsinki (Finland), Île-de-France - Paris Region (France), Stavanger (Norway) and Tallinn (Estonia). The call is open until 28.2.2021.


I4I competition: Forum Virium is looking for innovations to boost outdoor air quality improvement actions

Do you have a digital solution that can boost air quality improvements? Participate in the Innovations4Interventions contest!


Answer a survey about consumer consent & data security

We are regularly asked to give away personal data in order to obtain access to services we wish to get. This provides a growing source of concern about safety. What are your thoughts on providing your personal data?

Ambitious goals for robot bus piloting in the FABULOS project

The FABULOS project focuses on how cities can use automated buses in a systematic way. The goal is to procure the operations of an autonomous bus line. To be more precise, the focus is on a turnkey solution that can manage automated robot bus fleets as part of cities’ public transportation systems.

Stara eRetrofit installations started

Installations have started: On a mission to electrify the entire heavy-duty vehicle fleet of Helsinki

Is it possible to transform an entire, old diesel vehicle fleet, to run on electricity? Forum Virium Helsinki has taken on the challenge.

INVITATION: Drone as a Service Hackathon

INVITATION: Drone as a Service Hackathon – apply by November 30th

Join the hackathon and shape the future of Finland’s drone services with Forum Virium Helsinki, Stara, robots.experts and Ultrahack!

Project planner Nikita Akmaikin works with the FinEst Twins and Carbon Neutral Tourism projects

Project planner Nikita Akmaikin started at Forum Virium Helsinki's IoT team. He works with the FinEst Twins and Carbon Neutral Tourism projects. Nikita would like to develop Helsinki by making it a data-driven city that enables simpler ways of living.


Helsinki wins the Digital Cities category at the global Year in Infrastructure conference

City of Helsinki has won the grand prize in the Digital Cities category at the global Year in Infrastructure conference. The awards handed out at the conference have been referred to as the Oscars of urban construction and infrastructure.

Mission Zero Foodprint -kokeilut valittu

Mission Zero Foodprint pilots: three solutions to reduce carbon footprint of restaurants

Could the carbon footprint of restaurants be reduced with digital solutions? The answer to this question will be sought over a period of six months in the Mission Zero Foodprint project, in which participating pilot restaurants will attempt to reduce their food waste and the overall carbon footprint of their operations with the help of three innovative tools.

Platform Developer Sheena Puthanpurayil joins the Forum Virium IoT-team

Platform Developer Sheena Puthanpurayil has joined the Forum Virium Helsinki IoT-team. She works as a Platform Development Engineer in the Finest Twins project.