FinEst Smart Mobility Minipilot Tender

Artikkelikuva: FinEst Smart Mobility Minipilot Tender

We are now looking for technology, solution, business model or concept that could solve the evolving traffic issues in Helsinki West Harbor and Tallinn Old City harbor!

The traffic in Helsinki West harbor and Tallinn Old City harbor consisting of heavy good vehicles and private cars clashes with the urban traffic in the cities, creating a set of various negative externalities from pollution to diminishing public transport service quality to long travel times in and out from the ports.To find smart solutions to solve this challenge, a project named FinEst Smart Mobility has been set up by the cities.

With the help of Interreg Central Baltic financing the project will procure over one million EUR worth of large-scale smart mobility solutions between 2017 and 2019. As one way to make better planning for these procurements, today an open call to probe for the opportunities of new emerging technologies, radical innovations, and other un-foreseen opportunities is set up.

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