Lifesaving drones are coming to Helsinki! AiRMOUR Roadshow events 4 and 6 April

Artikkelikuva: Lifesaving drones are coming to Helsinki! AiRMOUR Roadshow events 4 and 6 April

AiRMOUR – Lifesaving drones are coming! The Roadshow comes to Helsinki on the 4th and 6th of April 2023.

The European AiRMOUR project researches how emergency medical services could be supported by drones. Smaller drones carrying medical equipment or larger drones carrying medical specialists can be beneficial in many ways, but also create challenges. 

To validate our research, demonstrate the possibilities and start the discussions, AiRMOUR now brings a Roadshow to four cities in Europe. The Helsinki events take place in early April.

Time: 4 and 6 April 2023
Location: Helsinki
Register here for the Helsinki events

Tuesday 4 April, Flight from Kaivopuisto to Suomenlinna. This event is targeted to residents, medical stakeholders, city stakeholders, aviation stakeholders and press. The use case is a medical emergency drone (Falcon) making an emergency delivery of an epi-pen to a patient, close to Suomenlinna Rescue Station.

Morning session 9.45–13.30, see agenda
This event is targeted to medical, city and aviation stakeholders as well as media.

Afternoon session 14.15–16.30, see agenda
This event is targeted at residents of Helsinki and people who live or work on Suomenlinna.

Thursday 6 April, Demo day on Kansalaistori. Demo day on Kansalaistori in Helsinki centre. This event is targeted to citizens, passers-by, city representatives, medical professionals and press. The delivery drone and passenger drone will be on display on the ground for all to view and experience.

All events include presentations & videos on benefits and challenges of these innovative air mobility services, as well as surveys for attendees on their experiences and opinions. The event language is Finnish and English.

For more information about the AiRMOUR Roadshow, please visit the project website.

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EU Project Manager Renske Martijnse-Hartikka

Renske Martijnse-Hartikka
EU Project Manager
+358 40 683 7979

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